The team formerly known as Campos Meta, now called HRT F1 (Hispania Racing Team, not the therapy) have unveiled their car, shortly after confirming that Bruno Senna will be partnered with Karun Chandhok – with only a week until Friday practice ahead of the Bahrain GP, they’re just in time to take part.  The car looks to be track colour and from the photo below we have reason to believe that this is the first time Bruno Senna has seen the car – he’s Ayrton’s nephew, the chap in teh blue cap.

Even Senna looks surprised!

Images via twitter from the drivers:

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Thanks to Joe Saward, LookingSpiffy and F1Lite for these images

Further read: You can learn more about the HRT team here in the Campos Profile

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  1. Ciaran Buttonham says:

    What’s with Senna and that ruddy hat? When he was at Goodwood (in the very exclusive driver’s club) he wearing it, but I thought, fair enough, it’s hot today. But he’s indoors, at a very posh event and wearing a suit. Come on man, something’s got to give!

  2. Jimmy Von Weeks says:

    Uncle Ayrton was the same, he never took his blue ‘Nacional’ hat off, even when he was dressed up smart. These Sennas know how to keep their sponsors happy, don’t they?

  3. I would wear a hat like that everywhere if it meant they paid for me to race in F1.

    Also its only really the nose and the ribs on the top of the tub that are similar to the virgin car. You could argue that the nose is similar to those other high end single seaters dallara make. Either way those wing end plates don’t look like they are going to do the job with the front wheels and the rear of the side pods tapering through the rear suspension towards the diffuser look way to tubby.

    I’m just glad to see Bruno has worked his way onto the grid. The man is a true gentleman and i really hope he proves himself and gets picked up by a more established team

  4. Paul Kendrick says:

    Forget the cap lads… the main point is surely that they havent been arsed to paint the car, because thats not a colour, thats bloody primer surely!

  5. No wonder Senna looks surprised in the photo. Looking at the rotation directional arrows on the side of the tyre they’ve put the front left wheel on the wrong side !?

  6. superunknown says:

    Apparently it will look a bit different livery-wise come bahrain possibly with more sponsers on it. I really do hope so…

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