Podium or Pits? It’s Grand Prix POP!

Published 19th January 2012 - Written by Benson Jammichello
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Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for a lot of Ferrari chat (skiing, sadness and sour grapes), tiny things and possibly the best picture POP has ever published.


It’s ski-sy when you know how – We’re kicking off this week’s POP with Ferrari slalom. Some genius in the Ferrari PR team obviously thought it would be a good idea to put their two F1 drivers in the Ferrari FF. A sound policy. Then, however, they started to freestyle – with some mountains. And snow. And a slalom course.

Needless to say, the results are a bit strange. Not least because it appears Felipe Massa wins.


Oh dear  – Poor Fernando.


Ping-pong with Fernando – It turns out Fernando Alonso wants to be able to practice more. Now there’s a surprise.

However, he’s also had some fairly interesting things to say about it:

Formula 1 is one of the very few sports in which training is forbidden: you don’t ask a footballer or a tennis player to do nothing in between one match and another or for two months prior to a big tournament

Having a go in a kart helps because it is more like driving a single-seater, but it’s like telling Leo Messi to train with a little tennis ball or Raffa Nadal to play with a ping-pong bat…We go karting because we have no alternative

We’d suggest that most sports have some form of resource restriction (squad composition, wage cap etc etc) and all this happens to be is one of the types of resource F1 has chosen to limit.

Of course, as with all of these things, the teams with the most money tend to find ways around it.


How big is this in real life? New to the F1 shop – tiny steering wheels! For all those times when all you want to look at is a very small steering wheel in a box, here’s the product for you.

Also, £60?! Come off it.


This. Is. Amazing – What on earth is Heinz-Harold Frentzen doing? The ever glamorous post F1 life of the former driver.

Grand Prix POP – Podium or Pits?


Has Fernando Alonso missed his shot at a third World Championship?

Photo: The Cahier Archive

Ahhh not again! Flag gate Pt. 2…

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