Thank you so much to everyone who came and made our ‘Monaco GP LIVE in London’ such a great event.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and going by the feedback on Facebook and Twitter all those who came along enjoyed it too.

As well as the grand prix on the massive screen, we had the live timings and live Twitter feed on a second giant screen to create the ultimate grand prix viewing experience.  After the race we had our ‘Big Grand Prix Quiz’ with 5 rounds testing everyone’s knowledge of the Monaco GP and then general Formula 1 trivia with picture and video rounds in the mix too.

Following the quiz we were treated to a Q&A with Andy Gray from Codemasters who spoke about the amazing new F1 Online game which is due to be released in beta in June.

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  1. Neil Fletcher says:

    You guys are awesome. As some of you know, I just dropped in unannounced as there was an F1 screening famine in the pubs around London Bridge. For an F1 nut like me it was like finding an oasis in the desert, or a kebab shop at 3am on a Saturday night. Not realising however, that it was a private party I readied my exit until a kindly chap in a white cap said “I’m not turning an F1 fan away, if you’d like to buy a ticket you’re welcome to join us!”

    I had a great afternoon and am now a dedicated BadgerGP fan and proud owner of a pair of B&O headphones. Life throws you good days once in a while, this was one of them. Thanks!

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