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See, he’s not all bad…is he? – A heartwarming F1 story to kick off this week’s POP. Bernie Ecclestone, as well as sitting spider-like in the centre of the F1 web, arranged for four boys with serious illnesses to visit the Monaco Grand Prix, including a trip on a private jet to get there.

It was all arranged through the Starlight Children’s Foundation.


Oh goodness, another awful/nice tale - This time it concerns a McLaren fan who fell from a grandstand at Tabac, breaking his leg and, more concerningly, back upon landing.

Both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton wrote him letters to wish him well. How nice.


Bernie is, in a lot of ways, like the Pope. Or the Queen – And we mean that specifically in terms of his stated intention not to stop running F1 until he dies, as mentioned in this article.



An interesting insight, if somewhat strangely writtenLewis Hamilton’s been chatting to The Daily Mail about his training regime. Surprisingly, it’s actually worth reading, and contains observations such as:

Formula One always will be a physical sport, but over the years the cars have become slower and slower. People like Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher needed huge neck muscles to control their cars. Drivers coming into the sport now have much smaller necks because it’s not as intense.”


I’m a black belt in karate but I haven’t done it since I was about 12. I took that on because I was being bullied at school. I was about six and I said to my dad: ‘I want to learn how to defend myself.'”


Just when you thought he was gone for good – Flavio Briatore reappears, touting something no-one wants to see. Let’s do F1 but call it something different! Let’s allow me, a proven cheat, to rewrite the rules! Let’s all go to space land and fly in their giant dragon planes!

No thanks.

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  1. I agree with you about the prospect of Formula Briatore is a non-starter…but in mentioning his name you triggered something in my mind…
    He was banned from the Sport for Life for telling Nelson piquet JNR to bin his car in the wall…not at 200mph, mind you, but still, by all reasonable standards…beyond the pale.
    Michael Schumacher was disqualified from the ENTIRE seasons points/ standings in 1997 for trying to knock Villeneuve’s car into retirement at Jerez.

    SO…..in light of those punishments, Pastor Maldonado is one very very lucky driver after his shennanigins at Spa, and now Monaco?
    What price a 10 place grid penalty against a ban for life and a championship exclusion?

  2. Just some points to consider:

    Schumacher was on his 6th F1 season (let’s not take into account
    1991). He was then already a double-world champion. The incident
    occurred during the race. The incident had very clear chances of
    changing the course of the WDC. The incident didn’t arise out of anger
    but rather it looked premeditated.

    Maldonado is on his 2nd F1 season. He is not a world champion. The
    incidents occurred during practice / qualifying. The incidents had low
    chances of changing the course of the WDC. The incidents arose out of
    the driver’s anger.

    I don’t think the two cases are the same and thus the penalty
    shouldn’t be the same.

  3. Just to say, though i would be opposed to flavio making rules i would quite like to go to space land and fly in a giant dragon plane.

  4. gravyleaves says:

    Bernie in charge until he dies? Someone should call adult protective services and get a power of attorney (or whatever the British equivalent is…) and just let him THINK he’s in charge once his mind completely goes, if you’re not in the camp that says it has already.

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