Podium or Pits? It’s Grand Prix POP!

Published 28th June 2012 - Written by Benson Jammichello
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Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including Kimi on a yacht, the London Grand Prix, McLaren’s electronics, Flavio’s newfound fidelity and Vettel comes to Sussex…


We just like seeing him smile – It’s very rare that you see Kimi Raikkonen smile anywhere near a racing circuit. Yet, even as his distaste for his mandated media duties becomes ever more apparent, a lot of fans love him all the more.

So it is that we were glad to see him chillaxin’ [how street – ed.] after the European Grand Prix by rubbing sun lotion on his friends and generally larking about on a yacht.

See here for the pictures, kindly provided (as ever) by the Daily Mail.


So that’s how much it costs to completely screw my journey to work – Will the idea of a London Grand Prix ever die?

Now Bernie Ecclestone’s popped his head above an appropriately sized parapet to declare that he would be willing to spend £35 million on creating a traffic nightmare in Central London.

The proposed (read, pie in the sky) course would take in Nelson’s column and Picadilly Circus according to the Guardian.

As if we hadn’t had enough trouble with the bikers and their protest at parking charges.


Oh, hello Electronics Weekly – POP’s managed to ferret out an article about McLaren’s Electronic Control Unit (which is standard across F1). It’s got pictures and everything.

It’s a good read. Trust us.


It’s Flavio – you can’t keep him down – The first line of this article about everyone’s favourite Italian businessman formerly QPR owning megarich playboy says:

Come on. Really?


Will this make you spend the GDP of a small country to go? – Sebastian Vettel’s coming to the Goodwood Festival of Speed which, given their theme this year is “Young guns, born to win”, makes absolute sense.

Read more about it here.

Grand Prix POP – Podium or Pits?


Podium or Pits?! It’s Grand Prix POP!


Podium or Pits?! It’s Grand Prix POP!

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