Bernie Ecclestone has some utterly bonkers ‘ideas’ in recent years – there has been the sprinklers on race tracks, no British GP and the idea of awarding drivers with medals in a Olympic style rather than points.  Mind games or not, such stories put F1 in the headlines and now, just a week a before the 2012 British GP, he’s come out saying he wants to pay for the ‘London Grand Prix’.

We’re pretty sure the idea has been rubbished a few times by the little, but powerful gent – back in the days when Ken Livingstone was Mayor of the capital the idea was proposed, but quickly shot down.

Now, according to a report in the Guardian, Bernie is looking to pay £35m to stage the GP – yes, he is looking to pay for it – not a common thing you hear.

He believes the revenue generated would mean it would easily pay for itself and of course generate massive amounts of money for London and England too.

The idea is being officially launched tonight and there are already some interesting computer generated images of the proposals in the Metro and Times newspapers with more coming later via Santander, who will no doubt be marked down as the sponsors.

We’d like to hear what you think of the London Grand Prix idea – and if it does indeed look to be happening, what track design would you suggest?

Being London-based, here at the Sett we’re of course rather keen on the idea – so much so that back in the early days of Badger, our in house illustrator created the London Grand Prix F1 circuit map.  Have a look below and let us know what you think.  Regardless of this being a typical Bernie Ecclestone pre-British Grand Prix PR stunt or not, the idea of a London Grand Prix is great and we’d love it to happen one day.


London Grand Prix Map Concept – credit: © Richard Mosley Future Design

See more of Richard’s work here: – please seek permission first if you wish to use his images.



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  1. Apparently the proposed circuit goes past the Ritz hotel, so would go right on to Marlborough Road, then a left-right chicane on to St James’s Street. Then left on to Piccadilly with Green Park on the left. It’d then be a double left-hander on to Constitution Hill to pass in front of Buckingham Palace with a quick chicane on to Birdcage Walk, the Embankment, through Trafalgar Square and back on to the Mall. It’d be a far faster circuit than the one you’ve got here, and it passes more of the iconic landmarks than this does.

  2. I for one would love to see this happen, but I’m stuggling to get my head round how they would do it. I know Monaco has been a street race since the 30’s, when there weren’t as many cars on the roads back then, so Monaco has almost developed over the years around the iconic race. But to have these roads in London closed to public cars and transport from Friday to Sunday would be a logistical nightmare.

    That said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and will be the buying my tickets when they first become available.

  3. This really should happen, the sooner the better.
    The idea has been thrown around amongst enthusiasts ever since the late 1950’s but very little money was available in those days to seriously take it on.
    I think your artists view of how it should be is one that should seriously be considered.
    John Clubbe
    North Wales.

  4. Richard Wilkins says:

    I think a London grand prix would be great it would be up there with monaco and some other road tracks in f1

  5. This is merely a means to apply yet more pressure to the BRDC and to screw Silverstone.
    It will never happen (which is a shame as I also live in London).
    It is another of Bernie’s little mind games.

  6. @JmG
    To be honest, the BRDC need pressure applied to them.
    Without pressure applied to them, Silverstone would still be a track with the facilities of, say, Thruxton (only with bigger stands).
    The BRDC is, of course unelected and unaccountable for our “British” Grand Prix.

  7. @oudinot

    Good point, but I have a question…Why would they be elected, and by whom? It is a club after all.

    Anyway, what needs to happen is some of the vast amount of tax paid by the F1 industry in this country needs to be plowed back into the GP, as in other nations.
    The facilities may then be more in line with other F1 venues.

  8. @JmG
    Agree- but I don’t think the investment in the British Grand prix, under the “control” of the BRDC has historically matched the needs of F1. It’s a “closed shop”.That means that you or I, no matter how brilliant our plans, our abilities or our credentials will NEVER get to have a say in developing the British Grand Prix in the future. Its the BRITISH Grand Prix, not the BRDC Grand Prix. Not the Stirling Moss or Jackie Stewart or Damon Hill Grand Prix.The BRDC is self serving and has not evolved unless forcrd into a corner. As such it has harmed the interests of the British Grand Prix over the decades, in my opinion (all well meaning I’m sure, but nonetheless harmful).
    That said, a visit to The Hungaroring or Spa is a comparable experience in terms of fan facilities.How pressure is applied to the British Grand Prix and not Hungary is a mystery to me.

  9. @john nichols
    Interesting! A figure of 8!
    Its a shame- but- all fantasy aside, i think the 5 mile length would be unacceptable these days to manage.
    Question- what feature in london allowed the figure of 8? I need to check my google maps…is there an underpass there or something?

    • @oudinot – My 1969 design in 1982 was nearly adopted by a group of businessmen – I believe that 7 firms of famous architects were engaged to design it but they could not come up with a better solution than mine – if you read the report fully you will see the reasons why and yes there is an underpass the actual letter from Autosport to me and photocopies of the proposal can be found here if you are interested

  10. Avatar of Alan Gent

    London again? How tiresome. First the Olympics, now this. There are other parts of the country you know part from the ‘bankers retreat’
    Perhaps it would be more useful to spread these things around a bit. Maybe Badger could start by moving its live GP sessions around as well?

    (Mancunian and proud of it)

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