Every year a report of how much each Formula One driver earns is published – and looking at the 2012 list, some drivers are quids-in when it comes to driving at the highest level.

The annual report – taken from Spanish newspaper El Mundo – shows that Ferrari still have the financial might to pay the top wages. Fernando Alonso tops the list, on a staggering twenty-four million pounds. Spare a thought for Felipe Massa, he’s £16m less well off, only on a measly £8m.

As for the Brits, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button lead the way on £12.9m each. We figure that Jenson’s contract extension bumped him up to the same level as Lewis, with bonuses probably coming into play to differentiate between the two. Hamilton’s multi-million pound contract is up at the end of this season, and much had been made about what options the 27-year-old has leading into next year.

At the bottom of the list is rookie Charles Pic – understandable considering Marussia is a “new” team and his experience level – but spare a thought for Force India’s Paul Di Resta. The Scot earns £160,000, less than both drivers at Toro Rosso and, surprisingly,  HRT!

The full list is as follows;

1. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) – €30 million/£24 Million

2. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren) – €16 million/£12.9 Million

– Jenson Button (McLaren) – €16 million/£12.9 Million

4. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing) – €10 million/£8 Million

– Mark Webber (Red Bull Racing) – €10 million/£8 Million

– Felipe Massa (Ferrari) – €10 million/£8 Million

– Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) – €10 million/£8 Million

8. Michael Schumacher (Mercedes) – €8 million/£6.4 Million

9. Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus) – €5 million/£4 Million

10. Heikki Kovalainen (Caterham) – €4 million/£3.2 Million

11. Timo Glock (Marussia) – €3 million/£2.4 Million

12. Kamui Kobayashi (Sauber) – €1 million/£800,000

– Romain Grosjean (Lotus) – €1 million/£800,000

14. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) – €500,000/£400,000

– Sergio Perez (Sauber) – €500,000/£400,000

– Vitaly Petrov (Caterham) – €500,000/£400,000

– Pedro de la Rosa (HRT) – €500,000/£400,000

18. Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso) – €400,000/£300,000

– Daniel Ricciardo (Toro Rosso) – €400,000/£300,000

– Pastor Maldonado (Williams) – €400,000/£300,000

21. Bruno Senna (Williams) – €250,000/£200,000

– Nairan Karthikeyan (HRT) – €250,000/£200,000

23. Paul di Resta (Force India) – €200,000/£160,000

24. Charles Pic (Marussia) – €150,000/£120,000

  1. Surprised at the gap between Heikki and Vitaly’s wages seeing as they drive for the same team also how comparitiviely low the wages are for the 2 Williams drivers but most surprised at how little Paul Di Resta gets, think he needs to re-negotiate!

  2. Paul di Resta is a true racer and does his job for the love of the
    sport. I do hope that he lands a seat at a top team so that he can
    earn according to his ability.

    • Avatar of Geoff Collins

      A good question. Difficult to say what it “includes”, or “excludes” for that matter. I can believe that Pedro is a nett receiver of money from HRT, but Narain? Which is to say, HRT probably do pay him a salary but only with the proviso that his personal sponsors pay the team more than the team pay him. These numbers “might” be right, and it’s interesting to know whether (for example) Alonso’s salary is paid by Ferrari, or consists of amounts paid by sponsors (Santander) as well.

      Di Resta may well not be paid much, but he probably isn’t having to stump up any cash for the drive at FI, so on balance, he’ll be way higher than, say, Charles Pic. Similarly, Vitaly might be getting the same as Heikki, but only because he brings a 7 (or 8 ) figure sum in sponsorship to the team.

  3. 10k pounds per month for driving a car. Even if Pic is at the bottom of the ladder, you can’t say he’s not earning well :-)

    • Avatar of Geoff Collins

      If you look at it like that yes, But his family (plus business connections) probably has to pay Marussia in excessive of 3 million Euros, in order that he can drive, and thus recieve that 120k – if that’s what it is.

  4. Paul di resta should be on as much money as jean Eric vergne at least, he is a quality driver in my opinion and deserves to be in the top flight, he has proved his self in such a short period of time. Hope he gets a much better contract next season!

  5. Paul di resta should be on as much money as jean Eric vergne at least, he is a quality driver in my opinion and deserves to be in the top flight, he has proved his self in such a short period of time. Hope he gets a much better contract next season.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if di Resta’s figure is based entirely on his willingness to accept it. I think anyone would be happy with 160k a year and be an F1 driver, than demand more money and not be an F1 driver.
    It is slightly low admittedly, but i don’t think he deserves a whole lot more; he’s been comprehensively outclassed this year in the Force India.
    I think teams should employ the McLaren/Red Bull philosophy of giving their drivers equal wages if they’re claiming they give equal opportunities.
    I’m surprised how much Glock gets, that can’t be helping the team much – especially as it’s unlikely to have lowered for his renewal.

    The top of the table is miles away from what drivers used to earn though and rightly so, at least we can say our sport has made an effort to get sportsperson wages under control.

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