The European Grand Prix was a corker of a race, packed to the rafters with action – plenty of clean, clever overtaking, some spicy strategy and then a few not so clean¬†manoeuvres too…

The last of these, in the dying laps of the race saw Maldonado and Hamilton come together in such a way that Lewis ended up in the wall and Pastor without a front wing. ¬†It’s an incident that will no doubt result in one of the two receiving a penalty – but who should be to blame?

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  1. Matthew Vennard (@matthewvennard) says:

    MAL – off the track then returned broadsiding Lewis in the process. He didn’t have the line and he should have let him go. Would have got him in any event. Stupid. Stewards will punish Maldonado.

  2. Lee Philips says:

    Maldonado! His blatant immaturity with an ailing McLaren has negated all credibility he’d gained this year. #StupidGreedyFlingHimInTheSinBin!

  3. MAL was forced off the circuit by Lewis in a legitimate move. He did, however, have his front right back on the circuit before Lewis moved across him to make contact. One for the stewards with all their camera angles but rather aggressive on both sides.

  4. Avatar of blas santander hijo

    Its clear that maldonado was faster than lewis! 3 secs in that last lap! I think they are both to blame! Maldonado for not waiting for a better moment and lewis well just for being lewis, he should have just accepted the fact that the other car was a lot faster and that there was really no point in the fight cause if it wasnt there it was gonna happen at another point of the track! But thats lewis again! Always involved in some sort of insident……… Keep up lewis your just making it better for all of us fans of Vettel and those that are Alonso fans! Thank you for always giving us something to smile about! No wait not smile about rather laugh at!

  5. MAL

    When’s this chump going to get a serious speaking to or points docking? It’s something else every race weekend.

    On this occasion he didnt get round the outside even though he was left room giving HAM the inside line on the next corner, going off track and then driving over the apex to T-Bone the guy you’re trying to get past is ridiculous.

    How many times will he be allowed to consciously drive into other cars before being pulled up on it??

  6. Alonso today was a fantastic example to both Hamilton and Maldonado that agression and presence on the track needs to be controlled.

    Maldonado and Kobayashi are both liabilities to other drivers and teams. These incidents happen to both drivers too often, and in the case of Maldonado, is coupled with a disregard to any kind of safety issue.

    ( As a side issue-Kobayashi was once prematurely and exaggeratedly lauded on this website)

  7. Avatar of blas santander hijo

    @alec are u serious saying that maldonado is always running into people? Wow you must be one of those hamilton blind fans! Let me remind you that last season hamilton pulled the same thing on maldonado putting him off the race at monaco! Not to mention all the other disasters he pulled crashing or having contact with almost every racer! Please before making such comments evaluate your own driver…… Hamilton is always the driver with the most insidents at the end of the season

  8. Neil Fletcher says:

    Maldonado: his overtaking maneuver had failed at the point that he had all 4 wheels off the track. At this point he has to yield to the driver on the race line and he had plenty of space to avoid contact. The guy is a menace and the stewards should take a dim view of his actions!

  9. Avatar of Gordon Wilson

    Hmmm, i’m really not sure on this one. At first glance you’d have to say Maldonado was at fault, but after a few more watches it looks more and more like Hamilton could be to blame. He’d already squeezed Pastor off the track and when Pastor tried to rejoin the track (which he must do at the earliest opportunity) Lewis gave him no room at all. I’m not saying that Hamilton should have conceded track position but he should have moved at bit to allow for Pastor to rejoin the circuit. Is it cause he is black? I doubt it. Is it cause he is pigheaded? Could be…

  10. Neil Fletcher says:

    I’m not sure that is correct Gordon… I don’t recall reading anything in the blue book that says you must rejoin the track ASAP (though I am prepared to be corrected) but I do know that it says you must do so safely, which Pastor did not. Also, regarding being squeezed from the track, it’s always a contentious point but in F1 there are clear rules about what you should expect to happen when attacking into someone’s braking zone and the driver on the offensive should manage the consequences of an unsuccessful pass (with safe driving from the other driver of course).

    Thinking back a few seasons to Spa – Lewis was squeezed off the track at The Bus Stop by Raikkonen. He waited to safely rejoin and concede the advantage he had gained (the lead). He then overtook Raikkonen again before La Source and got penalised for a rule they hadn’t written yet! So yeah thinking about it, it will probably come out as Hamiltons fault… :o)

  11. To be fair, both have a poor track record concerning on-track incidents. But in this case MAL was at fault: He was behind Lewis, so Lewis couldn’t see him completely and avoid him. MAL is fast but too volatile. He needs to be more patient.

  12. Avatar of TheBrave

    I don’t see much difference between this and what vergne did to get a 10 place grid drop and 25000 euro fine, except vergne’s a rookie he was on track at the time and he doesn’t have previous history in f1 at least. Three reasons maldonado should have been punished more, the stewards are far to lenient with him. For 2 seasons now he has used his car as a weapon which is to my mind the worst thing a driver can do even worse than race fixing and he’s gotten off with slapped wrists.

  13. Avatar of PFR

    F1 fans are no different than any other sport I guess, anyone who saw Mal beat Lewis into the corner, then get pushed completely off track., and then says that Mal t-boned Lewis is a little loopy. We all know that with two laps left, a little blocking to save a position is going to happen, but for God’s sake, Lewis simply crashed his car into Mal rather than let him complete the pass. Hamilton is a hazard. Just ask Massa.

  14. keith.hglendinning says:

    It was Maldonado who lit the fire by getting in the possition he did by using his DRS, Hamilton should have just stayed clear & let him by then passed maldonado, cleanly on the last lap using his DRS. However for them both to act so erratic so late in the race which cost them both leaves a bit to be desired on both parts.

  15. PFR this your first season watching f1? Either way if you saw lewis drive into maldonado you need to get down to specsavers and walk there you clearly shouldn’t be driving any vehicle.

  16. HAM doesn’t seem to get the big picture about how to win the championship. We was clearly slower the MAL and would have lost the postion eventually .So why battle so hard to stay in front and then intead of 4th gets a big fat 0?
    I do think MAL is mad as hell and they need to change his front wing for a bumper but HAM should have the maturity he keeps claiming to have and predict that.
    He’s great racer but maybe they should get a rob smedley as race engineer to calm him down and focus on the big picture.
    Awesome race though -holy Cow it was good !!

  17. Maldonado was at fault. He was off the track, behind Hamilton, and Hamilton was taking the racing line as is his right on the track. Maldonado should have backed off and hunted him down later. All the people saying Hamilton should have conceded obviously don’t understand racing- no true racing driver wants to concede, especially when the person they’re conceding too has just gone off track. Hamilton knows he’s a good driver, so if he thinks there’s a chance he could still get third, no matter how small, he’s going to take it as a racing driver.

  18. James Silvester says:

    Mal 100% anyone that says otherwise has being playing computergames too much and expects other people to move out of the way when you’re in the middle of an accident! mal wasn’t squeezed off! ham never moved off the racing line! take a good look… mal was stupid and should have waited, he was far quicker but when you’re racing for position there is no way I’d ever expect a racing driver to move out of the way, he would have got him before the end of the race anyway. how many times this season are we going to see drivers using their cars as weapons… even shumacher was guilty of it in qualifying at barca…

    they need to come down hard on anyone deemed to be doing it before someone gets injured or worse.

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