Podium or Pits? It’s Grand Prix POP!

Published 5th July 2012 - Written by Benson Jammichello
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Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including Lewis Hamilton and the Olympic torch, Damon Hill thinks people are idiots, Wolverhampton’s art scene, the pride of British drivers and Fernando’s next steps…


They should let him do it in his car – While he’s over for the British Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton is going to be carrying the Olympic torch. According to the BBC, he’ll be given the opportunity to carry it on the “9 July when it makes its way from Luton to Oxford, via Milton Keynes and Buckingham.”

Apparently, he was meant to carry it in Stevenage (his home town), but it was then realised that he would be competing in the British Grand Prix at the time it was meant to go through. Honestly, you don’t do anything for ages and then two things come along at once.


Man who used to drive very fast wants others to drive slowly – That’s right – fresh from his underwhelming performances on Sky Sports’ F1 coverage, Damon Hill has offered some rather choice opinions on the nation’s driving skill.

According to the Independent newspaper Damon said “he hardly ever drives above 70mph because “it’s too stressful”.”

Other quotes include the brilliant “Most people aren’t safe to drive over 55…They think they know what they’re doing and they don’t.”

Make sure to check out the article for more gems.


Wolverhampton – the art centre of the universe – Now, you may not think of it as a cultural mecca, but a Wolverhampton art gallery will be staging an exhibition of Antony Donaldson’s work between the fith of May 2012 (so now really) and the third of November 2012.

He’s a British Pop Artist and it seems like it’s well worth seeing, so get yourself down there.


Proud to be British? – This isn’t really a news article, but just us saying that we’re sure that all three British drivers racing this weekend will be talking about how special it all is and how proud they are to be British.

So proud, in fact, that none of Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Paul di Resta live in Britain, preferring instead tax (and some of them not that much) in other countries.

That’s all.


This would be brilliant – Fernando Alonso – what’s he going to do when he finishes driving? Retire to a farm in Spain? Well, we all know how that worked out for Russell Crowe.

Instead, wouldn’t it be fun for him to run an F1 team? The man himself isn’t against the idea. Imagine a holy trinity of Fernando Alonso as team principal, Lewis Hamilton as lead driver and Pastor Maldonado as his team mate. TV gold.

Go here for more details.

Grand Prix POP – Podium or Pits?


Podium or Pits?! It’s Grand Prix POP!


Podium or Pits?! It’s Grand Prix POP!

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