Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula One. Stay tuned for all matters F1, including Adrian Newey speaking, the Olympics merging into F1, saving money with the BBC, blackmail with the Ecclestones and Anthony Hamilton being dumped. Again.


A bit like the Queen – It’s not often you see Adrian Newey interviewed, so this video from CNN is a welcome nugget of insight into one of F1’s most valuable men.

In the video he discusses low cost Caribbean flights, the design process and more besides. Go here to check it out.


Really? This again? – That’s right, the subject of the London Grand Prix is back and, this time, it’s not about Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus but, rather, the Olympic Stadium.

Apparently, one of the bidders wants to use it to host part of a Grand Prix circuit around East London. See here for more details.

We think it’s best filed under the heading “long-shot”.


That’s a shedload of money – The Daily Telegraph (no friend of the BBC) is reporting that, over the course of the BBC/Sky F1 contract, the BBC will save itself in the region of £150 million, a fact also repeated on a blog by the Director General, Mark Thompson.

Given the financial state in which the BBC finds itself, Mr Thompson is right to toot his trumpet.

See more here.


The perils of being rich, famous and seeming like you might be easy to blackmail – That’s right, the Ecclestones are back in the news again.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a dental technician called Martin Peckham has pleaded guily to attempting to blackmail Tamara Ecclestone for £200,000.

It doesn’t sound like the most sophisticated plot ever to emerge from the mind of man.

See here for more.


If there was a neutral addition to Podium or Pits, we would have used it here – We completely missed this before the British Grand Prix, but it seems Paul di Resta has split from his manager Anthony Hamilton.

Two questions: 1) Is this related to any contractual situation di Resta might be gearing up for? 2) Who does Anthony Hamilton have left to manage?

See here for more details.

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  1. The BBC hasn’t saved itself anything, its simply spent the £150m on, lets face it, less worthwhile projects. Still a disgrace for me. Pits.

  2. Avatar of TheBrave

    agree with frosty the moneys not in the bank it’s been wasted on broadcasting the olympics for another 8 years or in real terms another 4 weeks over the course of 8 years. What an investment 18 months of f1 for 4 weeks of corrupt officials cheating drugged up athletes and a bit of track and bloody field during the brief hiatus between scandals.

  3. Avatar of Geoff Collins

    While we may feel the BBC should show F1 live, the majority of the public are simply not interested, so it’s at least questionable whether the expense is worth it. More people will watch the Olympics than F1, so it’s a better public service. Even Jake thinks so! And while we may not like, or be able to afford, the Sky option, there is choice, and also highlights on BBC.

    And when you think that the BBC licence for TV is less than £8 per household (£12 total including radio, internet etc) it’s incredibly good value – but the BBC cannot hope to cover everything that every minority wants to watch. Especially the expensive sports as fees rise continually. In Switzerland we have to pay a licence fee of over double what is charged in the UK. And yes, we get live coverage, but I still watch the highlights on BBC in preference to recording the whole race… It’s all about choice these days.

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