The Top Dog for Britain is…

Published 11th July 2012 - Written by Craig Norman
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Mark Webber

Eighteen months is a long time in any sport, but in Formula One it’s an absolute age. That’s how long Mark Webber has been dominated by Sebastian Vettel, forced to watch as the young German won two world titles. The re-emergence of the Australian’s title challenge is complete after a convincing drive on British soil.

He came out on top in yet another internal qualifying battle in some of the trickiest conditions you can get and then, during the race, he was able to stay with Fernando Alonso in the opening laps while Sebastian had to sit behind Michael Schumacher and stare at the Mercedes’ diffuser. With his teammate out of the equation, the top prize was on the cards.

And what a way to take it. As with everything this season it came down to tyres, and the superior strategy of being on the harder tyre at the end – which, it seemed, was the best race tyre – set Mark up for an assault on Fernando. The gap shrunk, the DRS was opened, and the pass was made. Game over.

Skip forward two days and the ink is drying on a fresh Red Bull contract for Mark Webber, while the odds have shortened on a Webber title victory. You don’t get a much better week than that.

Photo: Red Bull Racing
Craig Norman
Badger GP Editor

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Photo: Sahara Force India Media
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