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God, that was long. We at Badger are obviously very keen on F1, but two hours for a race like that is simply too much. If F1 is going to persist in going to Singapore, then please make it shorter. More is not always better.

The race itself wasn’t much cop. Deprived of a straight fight between Hamilton and Vettel by the Englishman’s gearbox failure, the race was at least looking like it would be a battle of the tyres in the last ten laps. Imagine our dismay when not one, but two safety cars completely ruined our fun. Thanks a bunch Narain Karthikeyan.

We’re not overwhelmed with candidates for Top Dog.Vettel drove an excellent race, as did Jenson Button. Alonso wasn’t able to challenge the top two, but drove well to finish third. So far, so obvious.

It’s really only Paul di Resta’s fourth place that caught our attention, snaring himself not only his best ever finish in F1, but making him the Singapore Grand Prix’s Top Dog to boot. Even then there wasn’t a great deal of excitement about his race, just slow and steady progress. It shows what having a consistently quick car will do for a driver.

Photo: Force India

An honourable mention goes to Felipe Massa for his absolutely nuts overtaking move on Bruno Senna. Not having control of the car into a braking zone while trying to overtake someone is terrifying for those watching at home, let alone for the driver attempting to make it work. Holding it together to get into the corner was impressive enough, let alone completing the pass.

Anyway, well done Paul di Resta. You’re the Singaporean Top Dog. Enjoy it, that’s an order.

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  1. Massa should have been top dog, really. He was dead last after the puncture and drove a great charging race: he was very quick, passed a few cars – including the banzai overtake on Senna – and made a stint of more than 20 laps with the supersofts.

  2. Sorry, guys, but this time you got it absolutely wrong. Massa was the Singapore man producing by far the most exciting moments of the race.

  3. Both Di Resta and Massa drove good races but my top dog was Glock. He recovered from an early brush with the wall to drag the Marussia home in 12th, their highest ever finish. They’re now back in 10th in the constructors ahead of Caterham as a result :)

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    Di Resta is a good choice – a very mature drive. Massa did well from last at one point, but was helped by the safety car periods. I’d have to agree with Thrinne1 and give Glock as my choice. Personally, I think it is good to have the longer races – more of a demand on the drivers fitness levels and throws in a few more unknowns late in the race as drivers fatigue.

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