Here’s a competition with a difference – the prize is Bernie himself and to win, all you have to do is to tell us what you would do if you were Bernie Ecclestone.  Our favourite entry will win Bernie*.  Read on below to see how to enter…

The prize: These *puppets are awesome and pretty damn exclusive – only available at the Japanese GP weekend.  Fortunately we had a Badger on tour over in Suzuka and they picked up a couple.  They’re on sale there to raise money for the Tsunami victims and officially endorsed by the puppet master himself, Mr Ecclestone (good sense of irony we reckon).  Our favourite entry will receive their very own Bernie hand puppet and we’ll send some Badger badges and stickers to three runners up too.

How to win: Rather than a simple question and answer giveaway, we’re making this competition more interesting, all you need to do is imagine that your are Bernie Ecclestone and let us know what you’d do if so.  Keep it on topic (about F1), but it’s up to you whether it’s funny, clever or just a good idea.  Be as inventive as you like.

Remember, Bernie is the Formula 1 supremo, so if he has an idea and wants to see it through, it’s likely to happen whether people like it or not, so you’ve go quite a large scope for your ideas. If you’ve got more than one idea, that’s fine – submit as many as you like, as long as they’re good, clever or funny, we’re happy.

Enter via the comments: We’ve got a new commenting system on Badger now, makes it nice and easy to leave your thoughts on our articles and now you can use it to win Bernie Ecclestone – simply leave your comment below with your thoughts on F1 and what you would do if you were Bernie Ecclestone.

Enter via Twitter: You’ve only got 140 characters to play with, but you can say a lot in a few words so simply tweet your entry by using the hashtag #ifIwasBernie and we’ll pick that up and add it to the entries.  Your tweet should look like the examples below:

Enter via Facebook: Head to the Badger GP Facebook page and post on our wall what you would do if you were Bernie, you’ll need to ‘Like’ us too. Go here to see Badger GP on Facebook

Open to everyone except those involved in Badger GP and Bernie Ecclestone himself
Entries must be via Twitter, Facebook or the website comments
Submissions must be made by midday 29th October (BST)
Winners will be notified by email, Facebook or Twitter by 2nd November
Editors decisions is final
No cash alternative

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  1. I’d bring back re-fueling
    I’d bring 1 GP to Africa and get RID of Abu Dhabi
    I’d get rid of Valencia and bring in London to host a street circuit instead
    I’d impose a rule wherein there is a limit for all the teams in terms of spending on the R&D of the car to even the playing field.

  2. If I was Bernie Ecclestone
    I’d let all diffusers be blown!
    Upon new engines I’d frown.
    I’d keep Schumacher on the grid
    and earn me a couple extra quid.

    If I was Bernie Ecclestone
    for my sins I would atone
    by giving the Nurburgring a loan;
    I’d keep a race in Bahrain
    and add sprinklers just for rain.

    If I was Bernie Ecclestone
    The DRS zone I’d bemoan,
    Do the overtake on your own!
    With the Pirelli tyres I’d agree
    ’cause I’d charge for them a higher fee!

    If I was Bernie Ecclestone
    I’d get New Jersey on the phone
    tell them what a mess they have done.
    To Austin I would cling
    and continue cashing in.

    If I was Bernie Ecclestone
    The one thing I would get done
    is to get myself a clone,
    Then I’d never be overthrown
    from my fabulous Formula 1 throne!

    • If I was Bernie Ecclestone, I would introduce sweeping changes to Formula One.

      The regulation height of the entrance gates to the paddock would be lowered by exactly 20 inches. That should wipe that smug grin off one or two driver’s faces. Additionally, anyone caught making a joke about my height will be subjected to an audio recording of the FIA regulations, extended edition 1986-2012, read by Kimi Raikkonnen.

      There will be no FOM fee cuts. However, a lot of Drivers will be forced to have hair cuts… I’m looking at you Señor Pérez.

      Grid Walks will be henceforth known as Duck Walks, and shall be conducted in a manner not unlike Chuck Berry playing the Guitar. *Guitars are mandatory and shall be provided at the TV company’s own expense.

      There will be a “For Sure” tax on Drivers. This covers all variations on “For Sure, Foreshaw, F’Shaw, and yes Lewis any Gangsta rap such as Fo’ Sho Man!”

      That German fellow will be forced to come to my office and explain exactly what it is he is “talkin’ about”. It shall then remain our secret.

  3. If I were Bernie I’d tell everyone there was going to be 2 US Grand Prix, negotiate a new tv contract in America and then cancel one of the races. Cha Ching!

  4. If I were Bernie, I would start considering the sport and it’s fans rather than my wallet.

    I’d reduce race hosting fees that circuits pay to a reasonable amount so that great tracks don’t have to charge fans the GDP of a small country for tickets, and so that they don’t go bankrupt. Then I could select circuits based on excitement provided and region to have a worldwide set of great races.

    I’d also keep F1 on terrestrial TV to ensure the maximum number of eyeballs can watch races. And stipulate that TV presenters must have an interest in the sport (Lazenby!).

  5. If I were Bernie I’d let potential new tracks be decided by F1 fans via a voting system.

    I’d get Sky and BBC to join forces rather than split the talent.

    I’d spend some of my vast money on helping families support young proteges through their early careers.

    Most noteworthy, If I were Bernie I would buy a Delorean and mess my hair up a bit and wonder around the grid pretending to be Doc Brown.

  6. Franco Melina says:

    More F1!!! Thursday 2 free practise sessions of 2hours each, with 1championship point for fastest lap, for each free practise. Friday qualifying, with 2, 1 hour sessions, top 10 times have 10 min to qualify for pole. Points for qualyfing. Saturday race 1, 50% of real laps of circuit racing. Sunday race 2, full race with starting orders from race 1. Lots of F1, lots of points and lots, lots, lots of fun! Forza F1!!!

  7. brett abraham says:

    Bring the GP back to Kylami, allow teams to test as much as they like, play rock paper sciccors with DC and dispute every outcome aswell as force teams to spend 45% of their budget on HUD visors!

  8. If I was Bernie.

    1. Stop this ‘paid driver’. there has to be funding around for the smaller teams, they are getting the bull**** drivers, who are making there teams worse because they cant perform meaning the teams R&D work is wasted and as they are small they don’t have enough R&D time.
    2. I don’t agree with all these tracks with no one in the stands but its right and its an easy money stream, however an F1 season ticket (points system) like football, you go to Silverstone, you get one seat for free at any race, the more people in your party the more points = seats, there may be a global crises but getting to Europe or Asia for F1 is not that far from people pockets.
    3. The MS early at Ferrari was labelled boring, but the racing was the best in my era to date, these days, the drivers don’t even break sweat, as MS said in 2011 my Grandma could get round, and yes he may had found it hard but he has a point, Team Radio 28 laps into Spa and Seb gets told to save fuel…we want to see the best drivers pushing flat out start to finish. I think refuling would bring back better racing
    4. Rossi has said MotoGP is getting boring, he is right F1 will not last another two decades at this rate, of car protection it must stop.
    5. Last but not least…I HAVE £100 on vettel to win 5 champs! at 60/1

  9. If I was Bernie I would believe that no publicity was bad publicity and any publicity in that case increased the value of my shares. So what I would need to find was something I could do that would get lots of publicity, increase the value of my shares and get all the press in all the world to say how great a job I had done and how vital I am to F1.

    So the best thing i can do to get lots of journalists and columnists to give me the most positive publicity and question how F1 could cope without me is to die.

    If I was Bernie I would die because it would prove that F1 couldn’t cope without me and CVC would be prepared to pay a fortune to get me back. There can be no doubt about it. If I was Bernie I would have to die because it would make me richer than I could ever imagine.

  10. Avatar of webbi

    If I was Bernie…

    I would bring back some of the most exciting things from the past :

    Cars that sent sparks flying!

    Loads of entries to Grand Prix rather than a set group of teams (in memory of those brave teams that turned up for just a few races!).

    Refuelling (and those exciting fires and cars that drive away with the fuel line still in them!)

    And finally, but possibly most important of all…


  11. If I were Bernie Ecclestone 1st of all I’d have to get a sex change as I’m female lol
    then I’d bring back the winner being able to show their national flag on the cool down lap.
    Get an extra point for the fastest lap
    Bring back permanent showing of all races on the BBC
    And finally have women drivers and more female team principals as females are petrol heads as much as men

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