We all know Lewis Hamilton will be a Mercedes man in 2013 and beyond, and many news outlets, experts and fans have covered the story in thousands of words (or more).

Here at Badger, we like to do things a bit differently.

We asked on our Facebook and Twitter fans and followers for their thoughts on the matter in just one word – and one word only. You all responded in fantastic fashion (as always!) and we’ve created a ‘wordle’ picture of all the words we thought appropriate. The larger the word, the more times it was mentioned – it’s interesting stuff!

The stand-out words? Gamble, Money and Challenge.

Got some thoughts on the driver moves at Mercedes, and McLaren, for that matter? Why not let us know in the comments below!

  1. Quite surprised at the money/greed ones being so high in there. I’d be quite surprised if that was the motivation, especially since I believe the reports were mostly suggesting McLaren would’ve offered a bit more. The “other stuff” probably counted for more.

    Alonso/Schumacher got their multi-championship results by being #1 drivers in their teams. That’s more likely to have been the motivation than money in my opinion.

  2. Avatar of Rajat Tiwari

    I believe that Hamilton will never go for money its the FAME that matters to him. By jumping to Merc he has a nice opportunity of proving his mettle and get counted in the leagues of Schumacher, Senna (far-fetched i know!!!).
    Another thing is the introduction of V6 tubo-charged engine from 2014 this gives an advantage to Merc as they supply engines to Mclaren etc and they will definitely hold back something.

  3. Avatar of Dickiew

    Money?………… Possibly.
    Gamble?…….I don’t think so. Mercedes have Ross Brawn, they have money, and they make their own engines, with the most significant change in engine rules since they banned turbos coming up next season. Brawn has a superb record in F1. Look at his time with Ferrari, and let’s not forget that he managed to win a championship out of the ashes of the BAR Honda team.
    I can’t help thinking that over the next season or 2 Lewis will have won another championship, and this decision will look prescient.

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