Whilst perusing the forums of James Allen‘s site, someone had posted a link to What Will Kimi Do Next, a website running a countdown clock to the middle of next week. Is Kimi really going to announce a new driver contract in this way, with a teaser site and video?

The implication is there, that this is all to do with what he will do in 2013. Curious, no?

A little digging shows that the domain is registered to Pulp Active Oy, a Finnish brand, product and event marketing company that appears to represent Kimi’s Ice Rally Team.

So is he moving? Or is this a neat marketing ploy to announce his next endorsement or sponsorship deal?

Update 17 Oct: As suspected, this is a marketing stunt. It’s for Makia clothing, a Finnish company that makes ‘racing inspired clothing’. Wonder how much that endorsement cost?

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  1. Thanks for sharing Badger! This is a attention-grabbing exercise though. I remember when speaking to the comms director (Stephane) at Lotus that he said the day they announced Kimi would join them, it was the biggest ever day in terms of traffic and attention, so hyping up the fact that he’s staying with the team or just some other promotion, is a cunning way to build up some excitement.

    …just hope they have something good to announce, otherwise they’ll look silly.

  2. Or he’s relaunching his Ice1 rally squad for a privateer entry next year. Lots of driver, team and manufacturer movement in the WRC for 2013 season, so there are a few that might fit into the mould.
    But that’s complete guesswork of course. He might just be launching a new range of crash helmets.

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