The BBC F1 coverage for 2013 has been announced, with the broadcaster confirming that  they’ll have 10 races live across the BBC, including Monza, Spa, Canada, Japan and Brazil – all very much ‘hot’ dates on the calendar.  No Monaco is a bit of a shocker, it’s often dubbed as the ‘jewel’ of the season, maybe the beeb opted to miss it in favour of a more action-packed GP.

Suzi – the new Jake –

In other news, it’s been announced that the much-loved and departing Jake Humphrey is to be replaced by Suzi Perry who’ll act as anchor for the previously award winning coverage.  Learn more about her here.  She’s clearly keen and very excited to land such a role:

“Motorsport is my life and I’ve really missed being away from the grid. I am so excited to be joining the BBC. Working alongside such an eminent team and the F1 world is a huge honour and I can’t wait to get started.”

Here’s the BBC’s coverage for 2013…

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Grand Prix
China14th April
Spain12th May
Canada9th June
Silverstone30th June
(TBA)21st July
Belgium25th August
Italy8th September
Japan13th October
India27th October
Brazil24th November

See the full TV times for 2013 on one page here

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  1. Agreed fiellen, while Lee is good at asking questions in interviews she is a bit monotone and bland when it comes to presenting.

    At least Suzi has some charisma, just hope she is actually into F1 and knows her stuff, hopefully she’s not there just to boost ratings.

    Can see sky now giving lazybore the boot and sticking Georgie in as main anchor.

  2. John Eastwood says:

    It’s a disgrace! BBC only showing 10 live races, it will end up like the boxing with everybody losing interest after it went pay per view, it as lost it’s big following as one of the biggest sports watched on TV and the same will happen to the F1, I bet it will also end up pay per view one day

  3. An elitist sport that used to be accessible to those of us who can’t afford to attend races or to pay for Sky. I am a massive F1 fan who even ditches family events to watch live races! I can’t believe that on top of being deprived of half the live races, I’m even being deprived of Monaco this year. What are the BBC thinking of?

  4. The problem isn’t the BBC only showing 10 races. The problem is the BBC announcing the results of the races it doesn’t show on the TV and radio news before the races are televised!

    • BBC have obviously lost touch with the public. since it’s paid for by the public, we shoul have a choice now not to support them anymore. Bernie got his wig in on it to make a few more millions ! he is happy, screw the fans bernie, you do it so well. Muppet . Another rich mans sport. will become more exclusive, and therefore will now become increasingly more expensive. Sinking ship springs to mind !!!

  5. Why should the BBC be allowed to spend our money on boring,sad,dark and depressing soap operas,wasting our money on high wages for too many idiots in its cooperation and many many repeated programmes?F1 has one of the biggest sports followings around the world,it’s live and exciting unlike the dribble and c–p we get for our licence fee now days,shame on you BBC for giving Sky the upper hand again on one of our country’s favourite sports.I can see the spineless bosses giving Sky the entire F1 season soon,more money to pay.BBC! time to grow a pair.

  6. This is becoming a joke. BBC only showing 10 races and not even Monaco who the hell decides this decisions? Sport on the beeb is getting worse and worse and it don’t end there even the rest of the programs on this channel are starting to get very boring and stale yet the beeb expect us to pay for this rubbish. It’s about time that the BBC remembers that we the payers should have the choices on what is shown. We are forced to pay this license fee even though a lot of us don’t either want it or watch it. If the BBC want to charge us then why not make all the BBC channels scrambled like the channels on Sky that way people have a real choice of what they want but the BBC wont do this as they know there would be a massive loss in revenue for them and also there master the English government wont allow it as it will be a loss on there revenue through VAT.

  7. I’d have given up watching it last year if it wasn’t for torrent sites. Of course I have to stay clear of any news reports on the day. Not really exciting though is it, getting yer sport 2nd hand.

  8. it is 10. India is live as well. Chris youre completely right. The bbc are notorious for giving away results because theyre so cheap everything is later highlights now.

  9. Wouldnt it be “fairer” to the viewer for the BBC to show each “alternate” race instead of allowing SKY to choose the races they want to show. . to those of us who dont have sky it is another ploy to try and get our money, well I for one cannot afford Sky but have been an ardent F1 fan since it started and Im sad we cannot watch ,Monaco live also the race in Austin. . . shame on you BBC for selling out to Sky. . .even with the adverts I would have preferred ITV to still be televising it !!!.

  10. What a waste a great sport watched for years I’m not paying sky’s prices for just a few races a year gp2 here I come just as exiting and I’m not being exploited stop paying stupid wages and bring back the sport to the real fans

  11. We’re all beating ourselves up about the BBC giving away half the F1 race programme to the greedy little Aussie. It’s no different from last year. I just bought a Freeview Recorder and looking at the reviews for this and a whole lot of similar products, it was plain to see the number of disgruntled folk out there all turning their backs on high priced Sky TV. One comment I read stated that on a certain Sky channel there was no less than 22.5 hrs of
    repeated programmes in a 24 hour period. I know it doesn’t help us real ardent F1 fans now, but I can see the time coming, and the sooner the better, when Sky will have lost so many viewers to Freeview they will
    have to seriously consider the situation as to whether the F1 channel is viable.

  12. How can the BBC justify £180milion for Premier league highlights £2m a year for Gary Lineker plus expences, and I cant find how much they paid for horse racing on the radio.Money well spent.

  13. Bbc not even showing the Monaco GP? Why even bother?
    & s perry? My god might as well let someone from the nearest bustop do it instead !
    I wa nt my licence fee back.

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