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G’day F1 fans, yes the Australian Grand Prix is now less than 100 50 days away, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be running a special event to celebrate the start of the 2013 season – Badger’s Grand Prix Breakfast Bash.

You’ll be able to enjoy an (unlimited) full English breakfast along with an endless supply of tea, coffee and juice while enjoying the first race of the season on a massive cinema screen in HD with surround sound.

As with our previous events, we’ll have the second large screen with live timing and Twitter feeds and following the grand prix we’ll be running “Badger’s Grand Prix Quiz” and prize raffle with some awesome F1-related prizes up for grabs during our fan forum where you get to voice your opinion and thoughts on F1 after the opening race.

Tickets for the event are available now – get involved and reserve yourself a spot for this special event – tickets are limited.

Further info in brief:

  • Date: Sunday March 17th 2013
  • Time: Doors open at 5am for the race start at 6am
  • Location: Roxy Bar and Screen, Nr London Bridge, Borough High Street (map)
  • Tickets: Available now, just £20 for unlimited English breakfast with unlimited, tea, coffee and juice and you quiz entry and raffle tickets (additional raffle tickets available for purchase too)
  • Prizes: we’ll have a great selection of F1-related prizes, tbc nearer the event.

You can see the photos from our 2012 Aussie GP Breakfast Bash here and more about our previous events here on the Grand Prix Screenings website.

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  1. Anthony R Balecke says:

    Goodmorning, Badgers GP,
    We are very interested in your Australian GP Breakfast idea and would like to promote a similar event here in the Midlands. We have designed a board game that has 12 F1 cars for one to six players. Each player having two cars to manage around a 42 space one lap per race board.
    The cars are matchbox size plastic and the track is a large 4 fold coffee table size racers dream. We have sent one for the Maclaren team to test out and are confident that this is an ideal game for all F1 fans. Our thoughts are to demonstrate the game at such events as the breaky GP to the true racer fans and families who will appreciate our well thought out easy to play box of fun. There are two editions and the 1st edition comes with x2 six sided dice and a 20 sided special reward dice. Which we call the Golden Ball Dice thus forming the name for the game ‘Golden Ball Racers’ or G,B.R’s. Each race takes less than 12 minutes to play and there is an average of of only 3/4 races per Championship (min one, max six races), making this possibly the fastest board game in the world! We have twelve challenges that the players can choose to partake in. All twelve are educational and fun to keep a check on. Our rules are unique and simple, which makes for a fast pace and you are will never guess which team will succeed (even if miles ahead on points) because we have deployed a system of play that ensures that the back markers have a better statistical chance of toppling the leaders by a crafty new tactical twist in the games card and track reward system. Your idea of an F1 Breakfast would appeal to many and we thought the game would tie in well with the whole theme. We also have a 10×12 ft replica roll up race mat that a Cardiff company supplied us with. We use this with several small remote controlled cars called Flash & Dash cars, which prove very popular with the children. The car is used for a one lap qualifier (9 seconds is record) which is needed because of the 12 car grid start. Although the game actually has a six space grid start (each team colour placed together on one space) The rules are that every first race must start with the Red Team 1st on the grid, then followed by Yellow, Blue, Orange, Silver and finally Black in last place on grid. trust us, black in last place on grid has the advantage most of the time. Becuase there is on average 3/4 races then the 2nd race will have another colour rather than black at the back of grid. therefore that team gains the slight advantage. Our quirky unique rules come into play during this speedy game and we would like to thank you for the Breakfast idea that will now help us to promote this little gem of a game.
    Kind Regards
    AR & S Balecke

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