Our TOP DOG of 2012 is…

Published 15th December 2012 - Written by Badger GP Staff

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After running our driver analysis column after every Grand Prix and announcing our TOP DOG for each race, we asked you, our readers, fans and followers to vote for your TOP DOG of the season.

And the winner is…

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi’s comeback was the hot topic during the off season before 2012 championship got underway and he’s had one hell of a comeback year.  He finished every lap of every race in 2012, apart from the last one in Brazil (but only because he was lapped) and that pretty much sums it up – the modern day James Hunt was racey, fun and consistent – what a combination.  So good in fact that he was 3rd in the championship overall, beating both McLaren drivers and only out of the title running after the Abu Dhabi GP, which he won.

He’s really comeback to the sport in a brilliant fashion, not losing any of his appeal and if anything, increasing in popularity – especially with his radio communications – the message “Yes, yes, leave me alone, I know what I am doing” was not only hilarious, but refreshing and proves he’s a proper racing driver, there to race.

Well done Kimi, you’re Badger’s TOP DOG of 2012, now go and have drink, you’ve earned it!

Kimi celebrates winning TOP DOG 2012 – credit: Lotus F1 Team Media / LAT
Badger GP Staff
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