We’re sure you’ve all seen by now the new shiny car McLaren unveiled this morning (along with a few historic ones too – nice touch!), but what are the main differences between their 2012 and 2013 machines?

Well, not much once you look at them…

Take the side on views below. The first picture is the MP4-28, launched this morning, while the second is last year’s MP4-27. Spot the difference, anyone?


Photo: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Media


Photo: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Media

It doesn’t get any easier from any other view either. Here are the top down shots of both cars in the same order;


Photo: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Media



Photo: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Media

Can you spot any major differences? Let us know!

  1. Stephen Harris says:

    Not sure if it’s just the angle but the floor seems to extend further forward on the mp4-28. All the way up to the start of the nose.

  2. Red part front wing, one is divided vertical and the other horizontal, and the backpart of the body is way more bulky.On can’t miss the front brake ducts as well.
    The angles are not the same but the sidepods seem different as well.

  3. the most obvious change is the way the rear body work has been cut extensively around the rear exhaust…

    also the front nose section is higher on the new car, which means they have more air flow below the car.

    The side pod beside the driver is visibly different.

    and the suspension geometry as well

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