Badger on your iPhone! (also works on Android and Windows devices too)

Did you know that you can read Badger GP whereever you are nowadays? It works on pretty much all your fancy smart phone and tablet devices, with it’s own custom interface, making it easy to read all our articles.

What’s more, you can also play Fantasy Grand Prix on there too – so there really is no excuse for missing your predictions – you can be trackside or on your sofa and as long as you have your phone with you before the lights go green for Q1, you can update your team and predictions for the race -how handy is that!

To make it even better, you can also add Badger GP to your home screen with our web-app, to give you a nice icon, making it even easier to keep tabs on Badger and your Fantasy GP team.

It’s nice when things just work isn’t it? Here’s some screen shots of the mobile interface and details on how to add Badger GP to your device…


3 simple steps to have the Badger B icon on your shiny mobile device! (click to make it bigger!)

3 simple steps to have the Badger B icon on your shiny mobile device! (click to make it bigger!)

If you’re using an Android device, try the following:

  • 1. Open Browser
  • 2. Go to the webapp URL (which is
  • 3. Bookmark the homepage
  • 4. Go to the home screen you want to add the link to
  • 5 Press and hold in an empty space to bring up the “Add to Home Screen” menu
  • 6. Select “Shortcuts”
  • 7. Select “Bookmark”
  • 8. Choose the Badger GP bookmark!

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