Caterham Unchained: Episode 3

Published 22nd February 2013 - Written by Adam Le Feuvre
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- - Hate adverts? Go ad-free by joining Badger GP - -

You have to hand it to the Caterham – they are brilliant when it comes to social media and engaging with fans.  Their latest offering, a video blog called “Caterham Unchained” is now on it’s 3rd episode which includes Giedo Van Der Garde answering fans’ questions from his hotel room and a visit to their base from a rather famous gentleman – Mr David Cameron!

These are presented by @SarahCaterhamF1 – follow her updates on Twitter.  And you can catch the previous episodes of her presenting Caterham Unchained here on our Badger GP TV page.

For now enjoy episode 3 below….


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