It’s back – after a short hiatus, our POPular weekly column – Podium or Pits makes a return to Badger GP!

In case you didn’t know already, this is where we round up what’s being going on over the past week in and around F1, and look at who or what is down in the Pits or up on the Podium. ┬áSome may say it’s a ‘Hot or Not’ column, you’d be right.

So this week, Paul Di Resta doesn’t feature in POP, but his mysterious second teammate does, or rather the craziness of the situation with some drivers begging via Twitter (yes, really) while other so called news sites conjuring up radical, laughable rumours. ┬áMusical instruments and Nico Hulkenberg’s shoe size also feature.

We had to include a mention of the Ecclestone family, under strict orders from our previous King of POP columnist too.

If you’ve seen anything this week that should be ‘On the Podium’ or ‘Down in the Pits’ – share it in the comments below!

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    Apparently the Hulkenburg story is at least partly based on fact, it’s to do with his driving position as he’s around 10cm taller than either of Sauber’s previous drivers. As the car hasn’t been built specifically around him they’ve had to adjust his driving position so his feet aren’t too cramped against the pedals.

    BAM! Pointless knowledge!

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