Sky Sports F1’s blonde Bombshell, Georgie Thompson (not Lazenby) has left Sky Sports’ coverage of F1, amid reports that she was tired of playing second fiddle to other members of the team. This is more than a little awkward, as she was third or fourth fiddle… not second.

Sky Sports F1 Media Day

Photo: Sky Sports F1 Media

Whilst being an eye-catching attraction to Sky Sports F1’s (presumably) male dominated audience, it did at times feel that Georgie was a little out of her depth, especially when playing on the over-sized iPad/SkyPad with Anthony Davidson.

There is however nothing wrong with not being up to speed (excuse the pun) with the finer points of F1.

It’s a sport that should be open to all, not just the fanatics. Mr. Jake Humphrey once described himself as “a lucky F1 fan, a normal guy, who had been given this incredible opportunity”, it’s just with Georgie, most of the time, whilst a perfectly adequate presenter, I couldn’t understand why she was there?

To ask questions? To look pretty? To capture Kimi’s attention? To quote one unnamed Badger in the Sett, “she was as pointless at being presenter as Narain (Karthikeyan) was at being a driver”.

Jokes aside, in the long-run, this is probably good news for Sky’s coverage. After all, BBC F1 created an excellent rapport with a smaller group of presenters making F1 fun and a joy to tune into – even when some of the races were terrible. It also means more exposure of the excellent Natalie Pinkham, Anthony Davidson and Ted Kravitz, which should certainly be seen as a positive.

Newspapers are reporting that she is moving to BT Sport to head up its football coverage with aforementioned BBC F1 exile Jake Humphrey. We at Badger will miss seeing F1’s own Essex girl in action every other weekend.

Good luck Georgie.

  1. The only problem I had with her was she’d said a while ago that she didn’t like F1… they could at least have hired a fan. By the way, that’s not an “over sized” ipad… just a regular one.

  2. Playing second fiddle??? she wasn’t even in the orchestra. Thank F***k she’s gone, she was hopeless and so out of her depth it wasn’t funny and her flirting with Ant on the SkyPad was painful to watch. Let’s hope that they now give Ant a proper job. prehaps Give Georgie’s job to Natalie and Natalie’s job to Ant.

  3. I could never understand why Georgie Thompson was involved in F1. She was never very convincing anyway and clearly well out of her depth. Although the same applies to Simon Lazenby.

    However, Sky has only had one season, and they have (largely) done a good job, considering they didn’t have much time to prepare. Once Crofty overcame his initial over-excitement he and Martin Brundle have done a good job and Ted Kravitz provides some excellent insights. Ant Davidson is still a bit camera-struck but provides some value. They, and Natalie Pinkham, show great enthusiasm and a genuine love of the sport. Which is not the case with Lazenby, who looks clueless, and is the worst F1 anchorman since the woeful Jim Rosenthal, who only everr looked enthusiastic when he was talking about upcoming football matches.

    Sky, perhaps against expectations, have on balance made a decent fist of covering Formula 1. Georgie Thompson’s defection can only improve their coverage. They just need to dispense with Lazenby and bring in somebody who actually knows what he’s talking about.

  4. Andy Armstrong says:

    They should have got rid of that imbecile Lazenby instead. Georgie was very knowledgable, never mind her incredible arse! And that new bimbo Rachel is just an airhead. Zero personality.

    • Avatar of reefgirl

      Jake was always so far up Christian Horner’s arse that you could only see his shoes. Jake didn’t see to want interview anyone else apart from Horner, Newey, Webber and Vettel, which for anyone who were fans of Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes was rather annoying.

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