Badger GP – News, Notices and Updates

1/2/15 – New site launched!

With all the teams (those still with some cash left) revealing new cars, February saw the reveal of the BGP007, the latest incarnation of, with full-screen, touchscreen friendly layouts, more space for content and improved navigation, it’s all good, it’s all gravy, the Badger is back and stronger than ever. You can also now join Badger GP and help us to continue to grow and get better in the future.

30/1/15 – NOTE: Username and Passwords

In a bid to improve security, performance and general goodness of we needed to remove old user accounts from the site during the winter. This means that even if you played the Fantasy GP game last year or before, you’ll need to re-register again this year. Not all bad though – you can now register super quickly in a couple clicks by using your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Gmail account. Snazzy.



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