Six wheels!

Top 5 Genius F1 Ideas

As the teams put the final touches on their cars for 2012, the Badgerometer looks back through time at several designs that were both...

Top 5 On-Track Scraps

This week's Badgerometer takes the rule change for defending into account, and looks back at the best wheel-to-wheel battles we've ever seen!  Robert Kubica vs...

Top 5 Wishes For 2012

The new year is in it's infancy, and here at Badger we cannot wait for the season to begin. There is so much to look forward to when Australia comes around in March - until then, we're putting together our wishlist.

Top Five Stories of 2011

In the final Badgerometer of the year we're saying goodbye to 2011 by looking at the top F1 news stories of the past 12 months.

The Top 5 from GP2’s class of 2012

Two of them will be grand prix drivers next year but neither of that pair is our number one GP2 driver of 2012. Read...
Top 5 F1 debuts

Top Five Debut Dazzlers

We've scoured the many F1 debuts out there and compiled our ultimate list of debut drives in F1... do you agree?

The Best of the Rest

Today's Badgerometer is casting an eye over the top-five active competitors not competing in the so-called pinnacle of motorsport.

F1’s Startup Successes

With the 2011 season coming to a close it's going to take an absolute miracle for Virgin, HRT or even Lotus to score a point. Two years in and they're still struggling, so what better opportunity to get the Badgerometer focused on some of the more successful starts to life in F1?

Top 5 F1 Breakups

Hello all, the Badgerometer here. I'm under slightly different stewardship this week, so bear with my new masters. Quite frankly, they're idiots. Welcome to the top 5 F1 breakups...

The Top Five Championship Crushes

With Sebastian Vettel on the verge of sealing this season's title the ever-inquisitive Badgerometer looks back at some of the most one-sided championships in F1 history

F1’s Scandalous Moments

As much as Formula One is a sport about technological advancement and driver skill and bravery, it also has in its closet some stories that aren't of a pleasant nature. Whether it be deliberate accidents, strikes or shady goings on, the Badgerometer brings them to you!

Top Five GP2 Graduates

Being as GP2 has a new champ we thought it apt to cast an eye over the drivers who've graduated from the series and pick our top five. Can't guess who's at number one? Seriously?! Well, better read on then...

Five ways to pass the Summer Break!

Remember when you were at school and the holidays came around? Yes, the joy was there for a few days but then the boredom set in, with constant "What do you want to do today?" from your all-too-keen parents. So what can you do to pass the time in F1's summer break? The Badgerometer tries to give some hints and tips to help you get over the gap.

Jenson Button’s Magic Moments

In celebration of Jenson Button completing his 200th Grand Prix - and sealing the fairytale by winning it - the Badgerometer looks back over the Frome Flyer's career and picks it's favourite moments from many.

F1’s Team Order Fiascos

No-one really likes to be told what to do, especially not if you're a racing driver wanting to win a Grand Prix, that's for...

F1’s Best Brits Abroad

With it being summer - that wonderful time of year when British people complain about the weather at home, go abroad and complain that they're abroad, then come home to complain about the weather more - we're looking at F1's best Brits abroad.

F1’s Dullest Races

There have been some dull-as-dishwater races in the sport's history and, inspired by Valencia 2011, we've fired up the Badgerometer and tried to hunt down some other, and if the term is correct, "better" examples of F1 races that hold no excitement.

The Top Five Last Lap Lead Changes

After Jenson Button's last ditch pass on Sebastian Vettel in Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix we were inspired to take a look at some other final lap lead changes from F1's days gone by. Here are five of the best.