Top 5 Formula One 360s

Sebastian Vettel drew the plaudits for his tremendous 360 save from the Hungarian Grand Prix, and rightly so. Just check out the footage of...

Top 5 Best Brazilians

This week's Badgerometer looks into the history books of the land of Samba, and picks the best drivers to hail from Brazil. Enjoy!

Going, Going, Gone – 5 Recent F1 Teams Gone Bust

With a four-week summer break, such rare time away from the racetrack should be used to recharge the batteries, perhaps even ‘relax’ for the...

Badger’s Top 5 Chinese Grand Prix

Admittedly, there have been only nine Chinese Grand Prix so far, but there have been some gems. The Badgerometer delves into the archives to...

Top 5 One Win Wonders

 There have been 104 different men that have tasted victory at the wheel of a Formula One racing car, but only 33 of them...

Top 5 Worst F1 Teams

Although it's not been made official, it seems we'll be losing the minnows of HRT from the grid in 2013. The Badgerometer has scoured...

Badger’s Soggiest F1 Sagas

Many call rain the great equaliser, but in fairness those who say it are probably involved with the smaller teams. What it does do...

Top 5 Long Awaited Victories

In honour of Nico Rosberg finally becoming a Grand Prix winner, the Badgerometer has dusted off the history books to look into other first-timers...

Top 5: Greatest Albert Park Openers

Which of the opening races held at Melbourne have been the best? The Badgerometer investigates!

Top Five Female Racers

There are some seriously talented female racing drivers out there and this week's Badgerometer is paying tribute to them. Just don't expect to see Maria de Villota make the list.

F1’s Top Five IndyCar Converts

With Rubens Barrichello now all but confirmed as an IndyCar driver for 2012 we got to thinking: which other ousted F1 racers have made a successful switch to American open-wheel racing? The Badgerometer investigates...

Top Five F1 Launches

With all but three cars now launched we're well on the way to having a full compliment of 2012 cars. But all these pitlane unveils have made us nostalgic for the days when F1 teams welcomed their new cars in lavish, over-the-top or full-on bizarre circumstances. These are our top-five launches.

Top 5 Ugly F1 cars

With Catherham taking the covers off their 2012 challenger, it's clear that this season's F1 cars may be a tad different than in previous years. But don't fret, the Badgerometer can take that and raise you five of the ugliest! Be prepared to look away...

Top 5 F1 Comebacks

The Badgerometer is riding the crest of the Kimi Raikonnen comeback wave, and delves into the archives to look at other drivers who have not let retirement, injury or general lack of interest stop them from stepping back into a Formula One car.
Six wheels!

Top 5 Genius F1 Ideas

As the teams put the final touches on their cars for 2012, the Badgerometer looks back through time at several designs that were both...

Top 5 On-Track Scraps

This week's Badgerometer takes the rule change for defending into account, and looks back at the best wheel-to-wheel battles we've ever seen!  Robert Kubica vs...

Top 5 Wishes For 2012

The new year is in it's infancy, and here at Badger we cannot wait for the season to begin. There is so much to look forward to when Australia comes around in March - until then, we're putting together our wishlist.

Top Five Stories of 2011

In the final Badgerometer of the year we're saying goodbye to 2011 by looking at the top F1 news stories of the past 12 months.