Why Formula One Needs Free-To-Air TV

Formula One will be exclusively on Sky Sports from 2019, but as Laura Leslie explains, it still needs the free-to-air audience desperately.

Nobody likes the new F1 qualifying, because it’s rubbish

Did you like it? Of course you didn't, just when F1 was at risk of losing its appeal, they go and make it worse.

The Badger GP team predict the 2016 season!

Badger's staff put their reputations (if any) on the line to make their predictions for the upcoming 2016 F1 season.

Can You Really Blame The BBC?

Craig Norman puts forward his thoughts on the state of Formula 1 as a product and the reasons why the BBC dropped it.

Channel 4 – The Magic Number for F1?

We will no longer be enjoying the delights of F1 on the BBC. What do we want to see Channel 4 do with our sport?

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Is This It For Jenson Button?

Silly season has started in earnest - will it be Jenson Button's last?

Is The Porsche Supercup Undervalued?

Regularly supporting F1 events, and hosting a grid of great talent, is the Porsche Supercup overlooked compared to other racing series? James Newbold investigates.

Scrutineering Bay: What’s Up With Nico Rosberg?

With all eyes on Nico Rosberg heading into Bahrain, Badger's Charlie Eustice and Craig Norman share their thoughts on the German's 2015 so far.

Worst F1 Driver Ever?

Maldonado? No he really isn't. Taki Innoe? No, not him either...

The Impact of Daniel Ricciardo

Outside of the dominance of Mercedes, one of the emerging storylines of 2014 was the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo to the top-tier of Formula...

The Benefits of Refuelling Caterham

First, Caterham F1 undergo a very public break-up with their founder. Then, they start a crowd-funding campaign online and make their own hashtag on...

Silly Season Just Got Real

This morning every F1 fan woke to the news that Sebastian Vettel had blown the driver market wide open in his announcement to leave...

Has Fernando Alonso missed his shot at a third World Championship?

There is a case to suggest that this year’s top performer has been flying under the radar.

TV Critic: Why Sky’s F1 Legends makes today’s show look too...

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Perez and Hulkenberg – Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Force India's driver line up for this season is one that many people predicted would be one of the best on the grid. In...

McLaren & Monaco: The Magical Top 3

The Monaco Grand Prix. Fewer sporting spectacles can rival it for its timeless unique appeal of glamour, sea, sun and crashes. As we return to...

Was Felipe Right to Stay Put?

There’s been a rosy vibe in and around Williams so far this year. A quick car, a well-received title sponsorship deal with the iconic...