The Race That Was… Europe 2012

It's been four years since the European Grand Prix last graced the Formula One calendar. Laura Leslie ponders over a brilliant 2012 European Grand Prix.

The Race That Was…Canada 1999

No race in Formula One history finished in the way the 1999 Canadian Grand Prix did. It proved to be an incident packed day, during which the great and the good made some costly errors. In addition a turn of phrase was coined that remains in Grand Prix folklore to this day.

The Race That Was…Monaco 1984

Every so often you'll get a Formula One race that sees the rise of a star so bright you immediately know they will be a future world champion. The 1984 Monaco Grand Prix saw the rise of two names; one who would go on to be a three time champion and one who would surely have been a champion but for a tragic accident a few years later.

The Race That Was…Monaco 1955

The Monaco Grand Prix made a long awaited comeback onto the Formula One calendar in 1955 after a five year hiatus; it would mark the start of a continuous run for the race that remains unbroken.

The Race That Was…Spain 2012

After four different race winners in four races, it didn't seem like the 2012 season could get any madder, or more inconsistent, ahead of round five in Spain. Oh, how wrong we were.Laura Leslie looks back at a classic.

The Race That Was…China 2006

Laura Leslie take a retrospective look back at the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix, a rain affected classic that would ultimately be the last victory of a legendary career.

The Race That Was…Bahrain 2014

One of the most recent races in Sakhir gets the retrospective treatment, as Laura Leslie looks back at the Mercedes duel in the desert of 2014.

The Race That Was…Australia 1997

With the Australian Grand Prix on the horizon, Laura Leslie looks back at the 1997 race and McLaren's return to the top of the podium.

The Race That Was…Canada 2007

Laura Leslie takes a look back through the annuls of F1 history to bring us the very first victory in the career of our current World Champion.

Canadian GP Classics – 1978

Badger has dusted off the history books to look back at a few of the classic grand prix for the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.Here we're remembering the first race at the venue, which saw the country's greatest racing talent take a memorable home victory.

Canadian GP Classics – 1995

When he burst on to the F1 scene in 1989 many people had Jean Alesi down as a future world champion.As it turned out he would only win one grand prix, and he did it in Canada 20 years ago. It was his 31st birthday, and one he will never forget.

The Race That Was…Spain 1997

Laura Leslie takes a look back through the history of the Spanish Grand Prix to bring us an overlooked classic.

The Race That Was…Singapore 2008

The record books will always say that Fernando Alonso won the inaugural night race on the streets of Singapore, yet the politics and fallout from that race still ripple through Fomula One and taint the reputations of all involved with the scandal ultimately refered to as "Crashgate".

The Race That Was…Imola 1982

To say 1982 was a fractious season for the sport would be an understatement. A drivers strike at the very first round in South...

The Race That Was…Belgium 1998

The Belgian Grand Prix of 1998 provided high drama from start to finish. With one of the biggest first-lap shunts in F1 history, Michael...

The Race That Was…Monaco 1996

Monte Carlo has hosted wet races since it beginnings, as well some races of attrition that beggar belief, but the events that unfolded during a saturated afternoon in 1996 combined both to give us a race that goes down in history as having the least amount of cars running at the finish.

The Race That Was… Indy 2005

Infamous. That's the only word that remains when the US GP of 2005 comes up in conversation, both in the Sett and in general F1 chit-chat. It stands as a pillar of confusion and bad decision making that turned the sport on it's head for an afternoon, and sent it packing from America, a land rich with promise, a mere two years later.

The Race That Was… Long Beach 1979

The ‘Grand Slam’ of F1 - pole, win, and fastest lap all in one race. Even though it might not be as rare today...