Fantasy Grand Prix 2015


The Fantasy GP 2015 Season is now open!


It’s a simple game that’s easy to play, tricky to win, but either way, makes Formula 1 a whole load more fun throughout the year.

In a nutshell, you create your own team consisting of 3 cars and 3 drivers and score points depending on how they do in the grands prix. You can also score bonus points for predicting certain elements of the race weekend too. You have budget to keep to and limited changes so tactics and strategy come into play too.

Points are calculated after each race and you can see how you did compared to thousands of other F1 fans from across the globe. You can also create your own mini ‘Friends Leagues’ to play against friends, family, colleagues or whoever you fancy.

It’s free to play and there also PRO options where you can win prizes and gain access to statistics game data too.

Why is it so good – well you’ll find yourself cheering on drivers you previously ignored or you’ll be willing others to fail just so you can beat your friends – it really does add that little something extra to watching a race!


Note that all players need to re-register with Badger GP for 2015, but it only takes a minute and you can login with Facebook, Twitter or your Google account too

Firstly, thank you! Good to have you back. The game has been improved further from 2014 – it’s even easier to play and there have been a few tweaks such as with a fairer distribution of points – predictions are now worth 10pts rather than 15pts and qualifying is now more exciting too where drivers score points for out-qualifying their team mate.

The main change is that there’s now an additional PRO option where you can pay to become a member of Badger GP and gain access to the PRO Championship where you win the much coveted Badger GP Trophy Mug if you win a race and you get a little something if you come 2nd or 3rd too. The 2015 PRO Champion will win the chance to race around Silverstone (or equivalent prize if not suitable)