Podium or Pits is Badger’s weekly guide to what’s hot and what’s not in Formula OneStay tuned for something truly great, an F1 “simulator”, lifting a great weight, Marussia have no money and a new theme.


This is actually brilliant – Some, most, or all of you will probably have seen this already. However, POP hadn’t, so you’re getting it again.

The principle is simple. Get an F1 car (in this case a Red Bull), put a driver in it (Sebastian Buemi) and drive it round a track. So far, so ordinary. This is a bit different, however, as it has a panoramic camera fitted to the top of the car. This means, as the car is driving round, you can look where you like.

It’s brilliant. Seriously.

Click here to have a look.


Indistinguishable? Really? According to the Daily Mail, there’s an F1 simulator so realistic you don’t realise you’re not driving the real thing. And the great news is that it’ll only set you back £90k and most of your front room. Joy.

Now, impressive though it is (it comes in the shape of a full sized F1 car and can be painted in team colours of your choice), we can’t help but thinking you’re missing out on what you really want in a simulator – the feeling of movement.

There are already places that do provide this, such as PureTech Racing. Disclaimer: POP has actually tried one of their simulators and found it to be very good, as well as consuming a free biscuit or two.

For some pictures of better systems than The Daily Mail’s choice, click here.


Glad we got that cleared up – According to Nicole Scherzinger, her X-Factor finalists WON’T be getting tickets to see Lewis Hamilton in action at a race.

Phew. We’ve all been really worried about that at the Sett.

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Inevitable? Marussia are, according to The Guardian, in a spot of financial bother, having made a £49 million loss last year.

To be honest, if HRT can put out an F1 team and not be that much worse than Marussia, there’s hope yet.   And as it stands, Marussia are due to finish 10th in the 2012 championship, so that should help too.

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Oh goodness, this is going to become a thing isn’t it? – We’re not even going to post anything about the story, but we think there might be a developing at The Daily Mail.

Click here for a story from 28th October.

And click here for one from the 30th October.

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