There are thousands of images from the first grand prix of the season, but rather than put the burden onto you, our dear readers, we’ve curated a collection of our 10 best images from the weekend, just for you. 

Some are chosen based on their artistic quality, some for the story they tell in a 1000 words or more and some because we like them.


The Class of 2017

The traditional Formula 1 school photo, although the OCD in us doesn’t like the unbalance – someone’s clearly forgotten that there’s only 20 drivers in 2017, not 22 like previous recent years. Oooops.


Our man, Dan

The ever popular, ever smiling Daniel Ricciardo had an Aussie GP to forget, but he gave his home fans plenty to smile about during the build up. We look forward to him smiling on track again soon though.


All eyes on Max

It was a tricky weekend for Max Verstappen and the Red Bull Racing team as a whole, the youngster couldn’t do much more to impress and a podium was out of the question. His position on track did help Sebastian Vettel claim the Ferrari victory, so if stopping Mercedes winning was the aim, mission accomplished. Max will want more for himself next time out though.



The start of the season is a thrilling time, this image captures that first corner moment when we see how the pecking order will work out. These aerial shots are a wonderful thing and make the great big business world of Formula 1 look like a Scalextric model.


A sea of red.

There was a time a few years back where many fans were looking for anyone but Vettel to win, but those same people will probably be pleased to see anyone but Mercedes on the top step. Either way, it’s good to see the sport’s most important team (or so they’d have you believe) back in the frame.


Soooo many fans.

The Aussie GP is always a popular event, but this shot of the podium shows just how epic those podium moments are, drivers, their teams and then the fans filling every pixel. Good to see, good for F1.


Colourful Formula 1

One of the small complaints of recent years was the dull colour scheme of the complete grid. This year, that’s been more than sorted with orange, pink, yellow and blue alongside the stalwarts or silver and red. Good stuff folks. And top marks for the pink.


Making Coffee

Poor Pascal Wehrlein. Lucky to get a seat in F1 after the collapse of Manor Racing only to then be sidelined after an accident in the rather insignificant Race of Champions in the winter. Here he is making coffee in Australia. Chosen because it tells a story and also because hey, it’s random!


Antonio TOP DOG Giovanazzi.

Called in last minute after having a coffee made by Pascal Wehrlein, the young Italian driver from GP2 fame steps into Sauber to take on the Aussie GP. One heck of a job and he pulled it off well, so well that he’s our TOP DOG for Melbourne. Here he is in his new office.


Good looking cars.

And we end this collection with the general approval that the 2017 cars look GOOD. And the cream of the crop is the Toro Rosso with a gorgeous livery, shining in Melbourne after a successful first weekend of the year. Nice work.