10 Yellow F1 Cars

Originally published in 2015, the same applies in 2016, dammit. Come on Renault!

The F1 grid of liveries in 2015 2016 is a bit ‘meh’, isn’t it. That’s my opinion.  What would cheer it all up? A bit of yellow, that’s what.

It’s been a colour present on the Formula 1 grid across the history of the sport. There are more if you look at individual years too, but I don’t want to take up your whole day.


The first is of course Jordan; their most successful colour was yellow and it was, quite frankly, awesome. Eddie being Eddie, he used more than just brightly coloured cars to get the attention of the cameras mind.

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Renault 2010

Then there’s the Renault from 2010 too. Not the prettiest, but bright at least.

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Going back a bit, here’s one of the less successful yellow cars – the Forti, or as Martin Brundle used to say, “the car that’s FORTY seconds behind”

Fun fact – the Forti cars were liveried in identical shades to those used on the Ayrton Senna’s helmet design.



Getting back to successful yellow cars, here’s Michael Schumacher driving a Camel sponsored Benetton.



The Camel sponsorship to will always be remembered best on the Lotus though. This one – wow.



Never the quickest, but the yellow looked good on this plucky outfit.

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A team that are often forgotten, but hey, they were yellow too, and also had sponsorship from ABBA – yes that ABBA. A-ha!


Renault 1970’s

How awesome does this look – a proper racing car!

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Renault 1980s

So the Renault team were yellow because that’s historically the colour of French racing teams (i.e. that’s why Ferrari are red for Italy), but it does look good.

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Even Ferrari had a go at being yellow! But it was only now and again in the 50s and 60s. And only in Belgium.

Image via Ferraris and Other Things blog
Image via Ferraris and Other Things blog