It’s good to have an outlet to relax if your job means that you have to take lots of flights and travel the world, and Manor WEC team President and Sporting Director Graeme Lowdon has often shared the beautiful sketches that he has produced over the last few years with us via social media. His chosen subject matter has rather appropriately been racing drivers, past and present, and has included Senna, Hunt, Hamilton and Button, among others.

Many have tweeted Graeme in the past saying that they wished they could own a copy of his artwork, and his originals that have been donated to the annual Zoom Auction have raised great sums of money charity.

It’s this that has inspired Graeme to embark on a fundraising effort that he revealed to Badger GP as he chatted to us at the Autosport International Show this weekend, and one that we are sure motorsport fans will be very much united in their support of.

Graeme’s latest completed sketch, above, is of Jules Bianchi, something that must have been emotional for him to complete, and his plan is to hold a closed auction for the limited number of 17 prints that will be made of it. 17, is of course a significant number, taken from Jules driver number, and #JB17 is something that Graeme still ensures is part of the livery of every Manor car to pay tribute to Jules and ensure he is still part of the team.

The money raised will be donated to Association Jules Bianchi, the charity that the Bianchi family started after his passing, and will be used to help other families in similar situations to the one they were in. It truly is a worthy cause, and the 17 prints will be signed and come with a certificate of authenticity with hologram proof of authentication.

How to bid for a #JB17 Print

Should you wish to bid on one of the prints, the process is to email with your name, address, and bid amount in GBP, over the next 17 days. The closing date will be midnight on 30th January 2018, and the 17 highest bids will then be contacted by Graeme to arrange payment.

Graeme will provide regular updates throughout the auction via Twitter regarding the highest bid, so be sure to follow @graeme_lowdon to keep up to date on the progress of the “17 for #JB17” auction.