1. When you’re out in town and someone wants “two minutes of your time, please?”

2. When your other half is watching TV and you’ve no interest in what’s on.

3. When your friend says “meet you at 6” and it’s now 6.23.

4. When you’re in a club and you can’t find your mates.

5. When your boss tells you to do something you did four hours ago.

6. When someone tells you a joke that only they find hilarious.

7. When you try to work out when the next train is and you’re in a foreign country.

8. When your parents want to talk to you and all you want is to listen to your music.

9. When it’s pay day and you realise you’ve got a bit extra cash this month.

10. When you’re on holiday and it’s hot and you don’t want to walk any more.

11. When you’re having a good hair day and you know it.

12. When you’re waiting in a queue and the person in front is taking FAR too long.

13. When you find a £5 note in an old pair of trousers.

14. When you get the last good sandwich from the vending machine.

15. When you realise it’s only Tuesday.

16. When someone drives past you and their music is far, far too loud.

17. When you’ve lost on FIFA and you’ll never hear the end of it.