Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel – Britain 2014

It’s all smiles for the former Red Bull Racing teammates for a joint birthday celebration at Silverstone, complete with cannily accurate cake decorations.

Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber – USA 2013

Mark and Seb have a bit of fun at their boss’s expense, by letting Christian Horner have his cake and eat it on his 40th birthday.

Mark Webber – Bahrain 2013

It’s all smiles for Webber’s 200th Formula One race, but does it look a bit forced to you? It probably was, as this was only a few races after “Multi 21”. Bit awkward.

Michael Schumacher – Belgium 2012

The German great received plenty of gifts on the eve of his 300th start, including a the nose of his Mercedes etched with all 91 wins, but he also got a large cake in the shape of his helmet design.

Jenson Button – Hungary 2011

Jenson celebrated his 200th race by not only winning it, but keeping track of just how many cakes he got his hands on that weekend.

David Coulthard – Australia 2011

The Scot got his hands on this delight while celebrating a big birthday Down Under…

Jaime Alguersuari – Australia 2011

…while one of the sport’s youngest got the same thing for a slightly smaller, yet just as significant, milestone.

Fernando Alonso – Germany 2008

Disclaimer; Nelson Piquet Jr. blew out those candles without any prompting from his team boss.

Sebastian Vettel – Britain 2008

Sebastian gets a cake from teammate Sebastien Bourdais, which probably softened the blow of the German ending his weekend in gravel trap after only a few corners.

Mark Webber – Turkey 2006

The Aussie not only got a cake for his 30th, but also, it seems, a gaudy plaque he can hang in his wall too.

Heinz-Harold Frentzen – Germany 2000

Who says Eddie Jordan was cheap – a cake to celebrate a new contract is great, but surely a bigger bottle of bubbly was called for?

Johnny Herbert – 2000

The final year of the cheeky Cockney’s career saw double the cake, with one for his 150th race start at the European Grand Prix, and one to see out his career after 11 years in Malaysia.

Ricardo Zonta, Pedro Diniz, Rubens Barrichello – Britain 2000

Only one way to celebrate 500 years since Brazil was discovered, right?

David Coulthard – Brazil 1998

Another birthday for the Scot, this time his 27th, but even on his special day Mika Hakkinen was rubbing his face in it.

Bernie Ecclestone and Michael Schumacher – Luxembourg 1997

A bit for fun from both as Schumacher celebrates race number 100 in Germany, not to be confused with Luxembourg, which is easy to do.

Gerhard Berger, JJ Lehto, Thierry Boutsen – Belgium 1993

Everyone has that mate who like to crash a party and play the fool, but for Gerhard Berger’s 35th birthday and Thierry Boutsen’s retirement do it was Ayrton Senna. At least JJ Lehto could celebrate 50 Grand Prix in peace.

Ayrton Senna – Spain 1990

Pole position number 50 for the Brazilian saw a cake and, oddly, a VHS tape looking back at each one.

(Look carefully at the picture on the right and you can spot a very young Pedro De La Rosa)

Juan Manuel Fangio – Italy 1955

Times have changed since Formula One began, so much so that cake, and in this case a panettone, accompanied a podium finish.