We asked you, our esteemed readers and Twitter followers to submit your awards for the 2014 Badger GP Awards and we’ve been chuckling a plenty with your suggestions and without further ado, let us present the full list of honours…

First up, it’s Pastor Maldonado… and our prize winner, Chris!

And then it’s Lewis Hamilton’s moment in Australia when an over zealous security guard attempted to question him entering the paddock – ha, #Fail.

It just wouldn’t be right to not have Marussia up on this list and we couldn’t agree more with Laura for this award, well done Laura – you’re our second winner!

Valtteri Bottas – what a man, he couldn’t go without an award could he – good call Ted!

Another great entry from Ted – Breakdance of the year to Felipe Massa!

Andrew Barca put Daniel Ricciardo up for an award too – and we couldn’t ignore that…

Nico Rosberg deserves a shout too – after a turbulent year of being friends, mates, team mates or not with Lewis Hamilton, he was there to congratulate his racing buddy since childhood with a proper man hug in Abu Dhabi.

Romain Grosjean – he didn’t have the greatest year, but we think he deserves this award, good shout Kerry Webb!


Who’d have thought it, but Pastor Maldonado gets another mention here, for the ‘Team Bonding Moment of the Season’ Award nominated by Ben


This entry from David Nathan made us chuckle too – how very true…

And then of course, what about Mr Ecclestone?  Well we agree with John-Luke that he should win the ‘Pot-Kettle-Black’ award, well done Bernie!