It’s the moment every F1 fan has been waiting for. The car launches are over. Pre-season testing is here. But you secretly keep refreshing the page, don’t you? Waiting for THAT key launch of the season?

Well, wait no longer. The BadgerGP 2014 beverage transportation module is here.

Thanks to the work of our Badgerneers, our newest design has as many new features as a 2014 engine powertrain. Possibly.

Through extensive windtunnel testing which has definitely taken place in our expensive top secret facility – and not the floor of a kitchen with a portable fan – we’ve learnt many things to incorporate into our final design.

Chief among which is that directing airflow around a prototype design will cool your hot beverage faster than in normal conditions. Fascinating.

We’ve also come up with a new F1-inspired hybrid technology to give you a reactive dual design. By incorporating our new Badger ERS system, or BERS-U, attached directly into the surface, heat is extracted from your favourite hot beverage and is used to power our revolutionary (and completely not made up) colour-orientation control matrix.

Once enough heat has been transferred the second design will appear. When the unit has been discharged, the original design will be restored.

Unlike our F1 compatriots, you don’t even need a pair of marigolds to hold it either. Convenient.


Our design also carries over some of our traditional technology – such as our ingress/egress fluidic aperture along the top of the mug and our self-award-winning geometric gyroscope hand-to-mug interface – or a “handle” as the Badgerneers have started calling it.

Born out of hard work, determination and some exaggerated made-up terms, our 2014 Badger GP mug will be a must have in your home or place of work – and we think it should last you a bit longer than some 2014 F1 cars at Melbourne.

Want to get your hands on one of these mugs? We will be giving away 19 over the course of 2014 – one for each overall winner of every Grand Prix held this season in our Fantasy Grand Prix game. 

Got your team together yet?