5D3_3728For the final pre-season test in Barcelona, we gave Shivraj Gohil his big break with media accreditation for the full 4 days and a task to capture some awesome photos of the 2013 cars and drivers for us to use here on Badger GP.

He didn’t let us down, in fact he’s delivered some truly awesome photographs from Barcelona and you can see them all below.  We thought it would be nice to share his experience with you all too, so we quizzed @ShivyF1 on his trip…

How did you prepare for you first photographic accredited role in F1?

First off, photographic kit, I had to organise what needed to be ditched and what needed to be upgraded. I had 2 weeks to sort it all out and make sure I had the finances to invest in some of Canon’s finest gear. Studying photographer’s shots from the previous tests at the Catalunya circuit was very important, not only for inspiration, but to know where to shoot from once at the circuit, 4 days may seem a long time, but it really isn’t.

5D4_0033What happened on your first day?

The media centre is electric, without the people in there, no knowledge of the test would leave the circuit, it’s incredible and you see a lot of recognisable faces. Managing the media centre are the 2 Miriam’s, who knew from my 101 questions, that I was a newbie, but they were very helpful and gave me a 4 day pass to drive my car on any of the service roads in the circuit…result!

Did you have a plan on what to shoot?

Yes. I scouted around the circuit for the entire first day, taking some quick snapshots. I executed the super close ups and static track shots for the first 3 days. For the final day I went completely artistic and attempted long exposure shots, which are the most difficult to execute.

You got a lot of great portraits of drivers, how was it in the paddock?

All images are property of @ShivyF1 and @BadgerGP. Please seek permission before re-using them. Thanks!

Having covered over 200 wedding events in the last 6 years, portraits come quite naturally.  Its important to not just shoot from any angle, I made sure I had the light in the right place, otherwise I wouldn’t bother shooting it.  Close ups are down to complete chance, drivers run like sprinters between the garages to avoid the crowds and you best have your camera ready.

Memorable moments?

Too many! Esteban Guiterrez is a real peoples person, he would always be smiling as I approached him for a few shots and even allowed me to pose him. On day 2, just before lunch, Alonso broke down at the end of the pit lane, I was at the other end and I sprinted with the Ferrari mechanics to get the perfect long perspective shot of Alonso standing out of the car, but there were too many people in the way, I just ended up running back with them while they wheeled the car back down the pit lane  Later in the day Ted Kravitz was doing an interview with Grosjean at the entrance to the Lotus hospitality, I was just next to Grosjean getting portraits when this old Frenchman barges into the interview, shakes Grosjean’s hand and then starts dancing, by this time, everyone is in hysterics, then he says something rude to Grosjean in French, his face completely drops, stop the interview and walks into hospitality.