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Scrutineering Bay: What’s Up With Nico Rosberg?

With all eyes on Nico Rosberg heading into Bahrain, Badger's Charlie Eustice and Craig Norman share their thoughts on the German's 2015 so far.

Weekend debate: Are we underestimating the F1 Finns?

The Scrutineering Bay looks at whether Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen are being overlooked in the title hunt, or are simply performing the way we should expect them to.

Weekend debate: Does Max Verstappen need to calm down?

The Scrutineering Bay returns to look into whether F1's wunderkid Max Verstappen needs to kerb his driving style, or keep being the showman we all know and love.

Firmer, not fairer?

The Scrutineering Bay is a place where Badger fans come together to debate pressing topics in F1. This week we asked "Were the stewards too lenient in Japan?"

Better if on Equal Terms?

The Scrutineering Bay this week looks at whether Lewis Hamilton would be beating Sebastian Vettel if both were at Red Bull. Get involved!

Race Reflections: Our Favourites From 2011

We're continuing our look back over the first half of the 2011 season for this week's Scrutineering Bay and, more specifically, the entertainment value on offer. So what's been the best race thus far this season?

Pay or Nay?

We tried to focus this week'd edition of the Scrutineering Bay on the on track action in Hungary. We really did. But, after Friday's announcement over TV rights, we could only ask one question, and one question only; "Will you pay to watch F1 on Sky?"

Ayrton Senna: The Greatest?

With the release of the documentary Senna in cinemas last Friday, The Scrutineering Bay is going all retrospective. Seeing as everyone involved with Badger is an F1 fan, knows about the Brazilian and has an opinion, what better question to ask than: was Ayrton Senna the greatest of all time?

Badger predicts Sepang

This week's Scrutineering Bay is pondering the upcoming Malaysian Grand Prix, as we beg the question of just what will happen in Sepang.

Sprinklers! Whatever next?

Welcome to another dose of all things debatable, the Scrutineering Bay. With not long left to the start of the season in Australia, it has been hard getting thoughts together on what question to run this week...

Weekend debate: Does F1 need more street circuits?

After Monaco providing the bare minimum in terms of excitement, is moving to Miami, and another street circuit, what F1 needs to survive?

Race of the Year?

We've been all nostalgic here on Badger GP in recent weeks, looking back on a season that, even though Sebastian Vettel won everything in sight, still produced some races that we loved from first red light to chequered flag. But, we won't lie - there has been some friction over which was the best race of 2011.

A Marriage Made In Heaven? – Part 2

Only a few weeks ago was the Scrutineering Bay discussing the future of one Kimi Raikkonen - whether the 2007 World Champion was going to sign for Williams and whether it was a good...

The F1 Top 5 from India

There is more spice in a korma than there was in the racing on Sunday, apart from the rare hot chilli that Lewis and Felipe provided - none the less, here's our F1 TOP 5 from India...

Your Thoughts – Massa VS Hamilton

Add your two cents on the Massa / Hamilton saga of 2011 and our favourite will receive some BadgerGP badges and stickers! What's your two cents?

An Indian Grand Prix ‘Prediction’

Kamui and Checo battling for the lead and Webber parks up? Sprinkers? Find out why the Indian GP could be the grestest event ever...

What will happen in India? Get involved with Badger!

What will happen in this weekend's Indian Grand Prix? That's the question for this week's 'Scrutineering Bay' column, where we invite you to share your thoughts and join the debate on a current F1 hot...

The Top 5 from Yeongam

Hear that? That's the sound of the Badgerometer roaring into life, bringing you the the top 5 talking points from the Korean Grand Prix.