To say Lewis Hamilton had a difficult weekend would be a slight understatement – he claimed to have the pace to grab pole position but wasn’t able to prove it when qualifying was stopped with Perez’s horrific crash.  He then had his best time cancelled when it emerged that he cut the chicane during the fast lap.  Frustrating yes, but that’s the nature of F1 – tricky things happen and it’s rare to have everything go your way as a driver (unless you’re called Sebastian Vettel of course).

Today’s grand prix couldn’t have gone much worse – starting 9th, he had a far from ideal start, sustained damage with Michael Schumacher running in the back of him, and then had an iffy run in with Felipe Massa, who he then overtook through the tunnel, after Massa ended up in the barriers.  Lewis had a drive through penalty for causing an avoidable accident with his incident with Felipe.

Not smiling - credit: McLaren Media

Lewis has been outspoken with his team performance and today’s woes were increased further when he arrived at his pit stop to find his mechanics not ready for him.

To add insult to injury, with the leading pack of Vettel, Alonso and Button driving past backmarkers, one of which being Lewis, there was a massive multi-car crash and Lewis had Alguersuari drive up the back of him and damaged his rear wing.

Following the race-restart and a rapidly fixed rear-wing Lewis was out to make up for a disastrous weekend.  He was behind Maldonado who had a fantastic grand prix and was on form to bring Williams a double points finish – unfortunately Lewis thought he had a chance to get past Pastor, but the rookie must have not seen Lewis and turned in.  Lewis continued on, but Pastor’s race was over, which was a massive shame for him and the Williams team.

Back to Lewis – quite inevitably, was up in front of the stewards after the race – for the incident with Massa and Maldonado, but Lewis is far from a happy driver – he was interviewed by BBC Sport’s Lee McKenzie and made it clear that he thought “it was frickin’ ridiculous” and showed complete disbelief that he’s been called up to the stewards 5 times in 6 races.  A very frustrated man.

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