Welcome to another edition of the Scrutineering Bay, Badger’s weekly discussion of all things F1. Although the main story to come from the weekend is the fallout from the Hamilton vs. Massa collision in Singapore, we at Badger have gone down a slightly different route.

To say Williams have struggled this season is not an opinion, it’s a fact.  However, with the news that everyone’s favourite ice-cream eating, rally-driving Finn is interested in one of their race seats in 2012, we asked you;

“Is Kimi Raikkonen joining Williams the right move for both?”

One too many ice creams? - Photo Credit: Sutton Images

Plenty of responses from everyone this week, and we start with…Nick Bean, who sent in via email;

In a word, yes.

Williams is (despite recent history), one of the great names of Formula One and indeed remain to this day the third most successful team in history. Williams lost their way after the departure of BMW and as the money from their backing dried up, an inevitable lack of funds led to pay drivers, poor engine suppliers and a slow (and very sad) decline.

The changes that are taking place at the team signal their intent to return to form. A new (and old) engine supplier in the shape of Renault, floatation on the German stock exchange and a new management/pitwall team are all examples of that…. but there is one thing missing; world class driver.

Pastor Maldonado, for all his faults (which are many) is young, fast and exciting… but, he’s also rich and that factor makes him a more desirable choice than Rubens, who, whilst experienced, isn’t sparkling in the way he used to. Kimi would be the perfect fit. A world champion returning to one of the greats to help them return to former glory? It all makes sense and you know it.

A positive first entry there!

We raised the topic on Twitter, and the tweets showed a mixed reaction. Here’s some of our favourites;

@Butler_F1 Not really, for some reason i only want Kimi back if he is in a car which can win, which the williams won’t do

@lapseofsanity hope they’ve told whoever’s in the other car that he’ll be doing all the interviews and PR work…

@dustyBlog_F1 Would rather see Hulkenberg get a seat #F1

@Anonymou53 Wouldn’t the question be, who doesn’t want to see it? #IceMan 😉

@OvoneVibe Finnish papers have already said there’s no way he’ll be returning to #F1 – and they’d be leaping up and down if if was

@alexturco I think Raikkonen and Williams could be the biggest disaster since Mansell and McLaren.

@GrandPrixDiary Sir Frank to get his cheque book out for Kimi? I don’t think so, he couldn’t keep him in choc ices with his current bank balance.

Did your tweet make the list?

The final fan to get a mention is…Chris Palmer, who got in touch via the website;

Kimi had the world I’m his hands but couldn’t get excited enough to do the opportunity justice. He certainly had talent, he was a world champion (albeit the most forgettable one). Personally I don’t need to see him race again, I’d much rather see one of the rookies get a full time drive. Forget Kimi, he’s done.

So, is it all smoke and mirrors between Kimi and Williams, or is there any truth to the rumours? Only time will tell! Some fans have had their say, but what’s YOUR thoughts?