Melbourne, Wednesday: A1GP chief Tony Teixeira has threatened to sue Formula One’s Bernie Ecclestone after accusing the sport of infringing on the intellectual property of his series.

The World Cup of Motorsport, powered by Ferrari since the beginning of the current season, has reportedly suffered losses this year after, Teixeira claims, F1 has attempted to steal the identity of the category.

Threatening: A1GP boss Tony Teixeira
Threatening: A1GP boss Tony Teixeira

“Dreadful organisation and internal strife have been hallmarks of A1GP since the very beginning of the series,” Teixera told reporters today. “Yet here we are, a week before the first F1 race of the season, and there are rumblings about illegal diffusers, money not being paid to teams, points systems and all kinds of organisational disasters. This sort of nonsense is supposed to be the exclusive property of A1GP, and we will fight to restore our exclusive status as the world’s most frequently shambolic racing series.”

Teixeira pointed to the disastrous Beijing race, where the circuit was not wide enough to safely fit the cars, and the fact that few of the Ferrari-powered machines had even been built in time for the first race of the season at Zandvoort, as examples of A1’s identity, declaring that F1 had no right to demonstrate itself as disorganised and chaotic so soon before the beginning of the 2009 season.

F1 supremo Ecclestone, however, was scathing about Teixeira’s accusations: “He’s just a bit annoyed because his colleagues failed to arrange his birthday party properly,” the commercial overlord of Formula One said. “It was supposed to be some kind of booze-fuelled bash in a beer factory, but apparently they couldn’t get it sorted in time.”

It is not believed that Ecclestone was invited.

Meanwhile Teixeira has reportedly been arranging for his series to re-assert itself as disgracefully unprepared for the task of running a pseudo-serious racing category, having already cancelled the proposed Interlagos race and apparently launching plans to “lose” some of the cars on the way to the next round in Portugal.