Accrington, Monday: English football club Accrington Stanley has confirmed that it will compete in next year’s Superleague Formula championship after its application to join was accepted last week.

Who Are They? New Superleague entrants Accrington Stanley
Who Are They? New Superleague entrants Accrington Stanley

The Lancashire team, currently playing in the fourth tier of English football (named League Two, for some reason), claimed that the global coverage given to Superleague Formula, as well as the chance to compete against established teams such as Liverpool, AC Milan and Olympiakos, would be a positive step for the club.

“We’re very focused on improving our image,” a Stanley spokesman said this morning. “Back in the 1980s, Scouse children didn’t even know who we were, but nowadays we are becoming more and more prominent every season. We’re not quite a household name yet, but we are confident that our participation in Superleague Formula will allow us to come closer to realising that ambition.”

It is not yet known who will drive for the team, but in keeping with Stanley’s image as a laughably useless football club it is strongly rumoured that Christian Klien will take up the seat. “I couldn’t possibly comment,” smirked the team’s spokesman.

The club believe that even a poor start to the season can easily be overcome: “That’s the beauty of it. It’s a game of two halves. Or three, actually.”

Superleague Formula has already been criticised for allowing a team of such small stature as Accrington Stanley to participate, given its usual emphasis on bigger teams, and the club has admitted that its application to compete was not immediately well-received: “But then we pointed out that Rangers are already in Superleague, and they conceded that we had a point.”