You’d have thought the FIA and race directors would have been happy come Sunday afternoon. First race of the European season down without a hitch, great racing throughout (tyres permitting – but that’s another thing), but no… they were unhappy chappies.

Soon after the race it became apparent that Fernando Also was being investigated/sternly spoken to for picking up a Spanish flag at the end of the race and holding it aloft as he drove back to the pits for a heroic imperious home win.

See the FIA’s announcement below…

Fernando Alonso - FIA Investigation


FIA, please pay attention. Seriously… You had nothing better to do? You felt this was worthwhile? What has happened to passion in the sport? You are at dire risk of removing some of the most emotive and memorable moments from the sport. Perhaps you should consider looking at the rather dubious driving standards in GP2 that morning instead?

Mugs. Rant over.