Badger GP’s correspondant that goes by the name of “Senior Badger” is over in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix, he’s there already and has paid a visit to Albert Park to see how things are progressing ahead of the big grand prix weekend…

The excitement is building up as the final stages are completed at the circuit ready for the first race of the season. It was a nice sunny day, around 30C, some of the air-freighted team containers have arrived and can seen outside the garages in the pit lane.

The fencing, tyre walls, advertisement over-bridges and grandstands are all nearly complete. As you drive around its easy to visualize the dash into turn 1 – at least three abreast and the sight of cars all over the place as you try and position yourself for turn 2.

The long dash between the wire fencing and tree shadows as turn 3 is approached – I know it well from the GP4 game!

Then into the last 2 corners before the drivers go flat out along the pit straight.

Always a great race – no telling what the weather will be like – as I write its warm but the cloud is building up. The weather forecast will change a few times before the race and remember Melbourne can have three seasons in one day. I can’t wait – and I’m here in Australia to watch it live!

We’ll have more updates from Senior Badger from downunder as the excitement builds up, for now though here are some photos direct from Albert Park…

Into Turn 1
keep it going into Turn 2
Who'll be in the lead by Turn 3 is anyone's guess!
out of turn 15
The pit boxes are all in place...