Skippy at the 2009 Aussie GPMelbourne is one of our favourite places on the planet, as in the place itself, not just the grand prix action there.  It’s like London, but warmer and more spacious with superb cake shops and more great coffee shops than you could shake a boomerang at.  We’re going off topic, back to F1 – if you didn’t know already, the Albert Park track, like Monaco is a street circuit, although only half of it is exactly regularly used roads so it’s a kind of hybrid circuit. That doesn’t mean it’s a dull like a Toyota Prius though, on the contrary, it’s more of a thoroughbred AC Cobra in terms of entertainment value.

For the past decade and more it’s been the opening grand prix of the season and has never failed to disappoint, whether it be Martin Brundle’s great escape in the Jordan back in ’96 or when Hakkinen famously won after David Coulthard pulled over and let him through after some ridiculous gentleman’s agreement prior to the weekend. Just a couple of the  countless great races at Melbourne – see our article here.

So, anyway, back up to speed, it’s 2010 and everyone is looking ahead to the Australian Grand Prix for a race that justifies pre-season hype.  Will Albert Park produce such a race?  Here at Badger, we’re certain of it and only a week later it’s Malaysia, so before long everyone will be wondering what the heck we were all complaining about after the “Bore-rain” race .

To help you follow the action on the box and make your own minds up on who will do well this weekend, here’s Badger’s first of an all-new track guide video series – enjoy, just press play…

Of course, if you have an opinion of who will be beating who to the chequered flag this weekend then you should sign up and play Badger’s Fantasy Grand Prix – it’s a whole heap of fun and it’s simple and free to play too with prizes!  The winner will receive the much coveted Badger Trophy Mug as well as a massive art print of their choice and then the 2nd and 3rd best teams will each receive an art print too.  The Fantasy Grand Prix of Australia is sponsored by Motorsport In Print – check out the website, there are loads of great works so you can treat yourself, even if you don’t win.

Back to reality, you should all be looking forward to this weekend’s action – it’s bound to be a corker!