Branson is measured up - credit: Lotus Media

Cast your mind back to March this year and you’ll remember a rather comedy bet between Richard Branson and Tony Fernandes, both newcomers to F1 with Virgin and Lotus racing.  The bet, in typical F1 fashion was for the losing man to dress as an air steward on the others air line for a flight.

With Abu Dhabi marking the end of the classic 2010 season and both men in the pit lane, Tony Fernandes wasted no time in getting out his measuring tape, ready to fit Richard Branson for his uniform.  Tony confirmed that Richard will be an air steward on an Air Asia flight from London to Kuala Lumpar – the date is yet to be confirmed, but they are offering up seats on the special flight in an auction with all proceeds going to charity.  Not wanting to miss a potentially brilliant promo opportunity, Fernandes confirmed that the world’s media will be there too.

No doubt, Richard will also turn this into a great promotional stunt for Virgin atlantic too.  More details to follow…

Lotus were confident from the start and produced this artist impression