A tale of two circuits

Singapore and Suzuka – the two Grands Prix in Asia where the grandstands are packed to the brim. But they are packed for two very different reasons, a fact which often gets missed by local decision makers and Formula One specialists alike. And it certainly has nothing to do with the fact that both circuits have a big wheel.

The Red Bull Energy Station in Monaco: The Place To Be

Badger GP’s Sarah Merritt was at the Monaco Grand Prix, and in another of our F1 team motorhome write-up’s, we take it to the next level as we talk about the “jewel in the crown” – the Red Bull Energy Station in it's Monaco configuration.

“You had to be mentally and physically on it” – Allan...

The Le Mans legend shares some of his views on current F1 topics with Badger's Rob Watts, and explains how Toyota got it wrong when they entered F1 back in 2002.

Seven other drivers who took on their teams

It feels a little bit like Lewis Hamilton vs. Mercedes in the championship aftermath, but William Swerve showcases some other times driver-team relationship were less than harmonious.
Karun Chandhok driving the FW08C at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Karun Chandhok Has Just Landed His Dream Job

Williams F1 recently announced that Karun Chandhok, ex-F1 driver and current Channel 4 pit-lane reporter, would be joining as their the official driver for the team’s Heritage division. Rob Watts caught up with Karun to find out which of the Williams heritage cars were trickiest to drive, and which gave him the most satisfaction!

The BRM V16

We had a request from a reader a few weeks ago, Geert van Herck, who asked for an overview of engines throughout the ages. In...

Tough Times for Felipe

Felipe Massa has a big job this weekend. Monaco is one of those circuits that tends to exaggerate a driver’s talent, and recently he...
Marussia Pit Stop

Great Shots

I was talking to the chief Badger in the Sett the other night, well, actually it was in a very pleasant pub just down the road, and we were discussing F1 photographers and the fantastic images they produce. We were also talking about the photos we use for Badger GP, and how the various media websites get their images, so I explained how the process worked when I was at Marussia.

Bid for Lewis Hamilton’s race suit for a great cause!

We at Badger love seeing Formula One stars raise money for charity, and World Champion Lewis Hamilton has donated a great prize to the winner of a special charity auction - the life saving service of the Essex and Hertfordshire Air Ambulance Trust.

Helmet designs as car liveries? Yes please!

Graphic designer Tim Holmes' liveries based on 2016 helmet designs look great - here's the whole grid in all their glory.

Loops and Holes

I'm not really sure what the original meaning of the word 'loophole' was, but it has come to mean the exploitation of a law...

Changing Regulations

I think that most F1 fans will have worked out that the cars have new, lower noses this year - resulting in the duck/platypus/camel look - but why, and what else has changed?

Down to the Wire

With all the talk in F1 being about the championship going down to the wire, and the potential of Alonso being able to overhaul...

Battle of the Box – Mercedes has an army of Warriors

Great insight into how the changes for F1 2017 have an impact on the pit crews, not just the drivers and cars. There has been A LOT of training over the winter...

Sahara Force India – From Barcelona to Australia as a Race...

What does it take to move a whole F1 team from pre-season testing in Spain to the first race in Australia? Sarah Merritt went behind the scenes with Sahara Force India to find out.
Senna and Prost

Driving Standards

There was a lot of fuss about Hamilton and Massa last year, and I must confess I started to get a bit confused as to why one driver was being penalised, when I would have been tempted to give the penalty to the other driver.

Testing Times

Do testing times mean anything? Yes.

The Schlumpf Obsession

After an exciting Australian Grand Prix on Sunday, I was still in the mood for a little more F1. Perhaps a bit more sedate, but F1 nonetheless.