Loops and Holes

I'm not really sure what the original meaning of the word 'loophole' was, but it has come to mean the exploitation of a law...


  There's been quite a lot in the motor racing press recently about Gerhard Berger's plans for defining a route to F1, focusing initially on...

Callum’s Corner: The Highs and Lows of Racing

In the second of his columns for Badger GP, FIA Formula 3 star Callum Ilott takes time out from racing, studying and training to talk about his last month in the spotlight – one that has seen him ride the highs and lows of motorsport, both on the track and off it.

World champions in a parallel universe

Jaap Grolleman interviews the team behind sim racing World Champions, Coanda Motorsport.

Brawn and Brundle: A Catch-up at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

In the first of her pieces from the event, Sarah Merritt was lucky enough to catch up together with both Ross Brawn and Martin Brundle, who had the privilege of driving the beautiful Brawn BGP001 up the hill for the assembled fans to witness.

Badger talks to Mikey Collier, Jenson’s right hand man

For nine seasons and nearly 150 Grand Prix, Mikey Collier has been at the side of Jenson Button. Sarah Merritt spent time with him in Singapore to learn his role in the Brit's race weekend and schedule.

Adding Lock After Apex

Watching the Malaysian GP got Geoff Collins interested in racing lines - and what they can teach us about driving on public roads.

“You had to be mentally and physically on it” – Allan...

The Le Mans legend shares some of his views on current F1 topics with Badger's Rob Watts, and explains how Toyota got it wrong when they entered F1 back in 2002.
Marussia Pit Stop

Great Shots

I was talking to the chief Badger in the Sett the other night, well, actually it was in a very pleasant pub just down the road, and we were discussing F1 photographers and the fantastic images they produce. We were also talking about the photos we use for Badger GP, and how the various media websites get their images, so I explained how the process worked when I was at Marussia.
Senna and Prost

Driving Standards

There was a lot of fuss about Hamilton and Massa last year, and I must confess I started to get a bit confused as to why one driver was being penalised, when I would have been tempted to give the penalty to the other driver.
Karun Chandhok driving the FW08C at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Karun Chandhok Has Just Landed His Dream Job

Williams F1 recently announced that Karun Chandhok, ex-F1 driver and current Channel 4 pit-lane reporter, would be joining as their the official driver for the team’s Heritage division. Rob Watts caught up with Karun to find out which of the Williams heritage cars were trickiest to drive, and which gave him the most satisfaction!

The BRM V16

We had a request from a reader a few weeks ago, Geert van Herck, who asked for an overview of engines throughout the ages. In...

What’s it like in an F1 Media Centre?

Geoff Collins talks us through the experience of being in an F1 media centre - which, for a Sunday afternoon is most likely one of the busiest offices on the planet.

The Schlumpf Obsession

After an exciting Australian Grand Prix on Sunday, I was still in the mood for a little more F1. Perhaps a bit more sedate, but F1 nonetheless.

Launch Control

Geoff Collins presents an insight into what goes into the launch of a Formula 1 car, with exclusive coverage of how the 2011 Marussia Virgin car launch came together

Down to the Wire

With all the talk in F1 being about the championship going down to the wire, and the potential of Alonso being able to overhaul...

Tough Times for Felipe

Felipe Massa has a big job this weekend. Monaco is one of those circuits that tends to exaggerate a driver’s talent, and recently he...

Schumacher: The inside story of Spa ’91 – Part Two

The second part of Rob Watts' interview with Mark Gallagher, former Jordan F1 Head of Communications, about Michael Schumacher's debut with the Irish team.