The Badger team predicts the 2017 F1 season!

It’s that time of the F1 season where hopes and dreams still exist, with no serious on-track running in place to determine a pecking order or title favourite.What better time to make some predictions ready for the year of racing ahead?

First Impressions: Renault RS17

Renault's second season back is previewed by Craig Norman, with Alex Odell's livery critique.

First Impressions: Sauber C36

It's the first real look at at a 2017 car - Craig Norman looks at Sauber's season ahead, while Alex Odell critiques the colour scheme.

How do you solve a problem like the Scuderia?

Ferrari's 2016 season was a slip back from the success of 2015. Elle Haus looks at what went wrong for the Scuderia and how they may struggle again to reach the top.

It’s make or break for Valtteri Bottas in 2017

Craig Norman knows it's a big year for the Mercedes new boy - but the fact it's a single season deal poses a problem for the Finn.

Our 2016 Predictions Revisited!

We look back at what we thought 2016 had in offer compared to what actually happened.

Badger’s Top Drivers of 2016!

In our annual feature, our writers pick their winners of an intense year of Formula One racing.

Felipe Massa takes ‘silly season’ to another level

First he was retired, now he's racing again - Rob Watts looks at the mess WIlliams have gotten themselves in to.
Nico Rosberg

Who is most likely to replace Nico Rosberg?

The shock of Rosberg's retirement is replaced by speculation of just who gets the vacant Mercedes seat - Rob Watts investigates the favourites.

Opinion: Max Verstappen doesn’t follow anyone

The Dutchman was the talk of the town after the Brazilian Grand Prix, but Craig Norman explains that others may have helped him out.

Felipe Massa’s moment in the rain

The Brazilian's farewell to his home crowd, Craig Norman explains, was one of the purest human moments in motor racing.

The TOP DOG For Brazil Is…

....just who you'd expect to be.

Can Nico Rosberg seal the deal in Sao Paulo?

The German is one win away from the title, but, as Ismail Verdit explains, Lewis Hamilton's history at Interlagos is hard to ignore.

Sebastian Vettel crossed the line and got away with it

After his outburst at the Mexican Grand Prix, Craig Norman looks at how Sebastian Vettel simply got away with it.

The TOP DOG For America Is…

...*SPOILER ALERT* not Dutch.

Silly Season for 2017: Who goes where?

With the 2016 season ticking down, and many eyes turning to next year, the seats on the grid are starting to dwindle. Laura Leslie and Rob Watts look at four drivers whose futures are still uncertain - Valtteri Bottas, Esteban Ocon, Pascal Wehrlein and Kevin Magnussen - and give their views on who goes where for 2017.

Time for Hamilton to snap the Rosberg streak

On the eve of the US GP, Ismail Vedat looks at the Nico Rosberg-Lewis Hamilton title saga of 2016.

Rosberg’s Claim to the Throne

Race number 200 for Nico Rosberg could be his most defining yet.