You know us at Badger, we like to have fun – and you know what, if someone had tasked us to come up with a new Formula 1 based video game, F1 Racestars would be it, it really is awesome.  Sure we love the uber-realistic sims like F1 2012 and Geoff Crammond’s games, but we like to have FUN and a laugh too.

In short the game is massively playable, highly addictive and just huge amounts of fun, especially in multi-player mode.  The concept is great – take Mario Kart format, add in F1 personalities, cars and power-ups and you’re onto a winner.  It’s not like it’s been bodged together with that in mind, there are loads of neat little touches that show just how much thought has gone into the game too.

The drivers look brilliant similar to their real life counterparts, they have their own phrases and sayings when they’re racing and even act like the real thing – pretty sure we saw Seb using his finger!  In terms of the power-ups, our favourite has to be the Safety Car, where basically you can just zip straight to the front of pack while they are all held up!  Ace.

There’s even pit stops too, your car WILL get bashed about while battling with the others on the bonkers tracks, but fear not because when your rear wing is literally hanging off and there’s smoke coming out of your engine, pop by one of the pitstop roads and get yourself fixed up, pick up some missiles and fight back towards the front.  So so so much fun.  Love it.

In short, if you want to have fun and enjoy playing F1 games with casual fans or the entire family you cannot go wrong with F1 Racestars – it delivers on every level.  With Christmas just around the corner, add it to your list, you won’t regret it for a second!

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