We all know he went on to make the notoriously bad motorsport movie “Driven”, but at the start of 1994 Sylvester Stallone was already looking into making a Formula One film, one which could have been focused on one driver in particular.


Ayrton Senna was a fan of the American’s work, like Rocky and Rambo, and sent him a helmet of his to try and entice him into the role. Naturally, after the Brazilian’s fatal crash at Imola, the project was shelved and attentions turned to America and the CART racing series instead.

“Ayrton Senna was one of the great drivers of all time and he wanted me to do his life story. We were speaking many years ago on the phone and he goes ‘I think it would be really good, I liked your films’, said the 69-year-old movie veteran, in a video for the auction build up last month

“He said ‘let me show you the colours, it’s very much like Rocky colours’. So he sent it to me and of course I’d never seen a helmet like this. And then he unfortunately died in this horrible crash and after that I just decided I couldn’t do the film, it was just too hard.

In late December 2015, Stallone looked to auction some of his memorabilia off for charity, including costumes and props from most of his films and some special sports memorabilia. Signed gloves by Muhammad Ali were also in the lots.

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It’s reported that the helmet went for €75,000, which is just under the $100,000 asking price.